It’s A Match: Your Business & Motion Graphics!

November 20, 2017
November 20, 2017 Clodagh Guerin

It’s A Match: Your Business & Motion Graphics!

Being a previous student of video production, animation AND web design, I have a broad range of abilities and experience when it comes to creating digital media. Naturally, students have favourite subjects and for me that was animation. I couldn’t explain why I loved it but I found myself training in my spare time, learning different styles, techniques and watching a metric ton of cartoons, title sequences and animated adverts. It is, without a doubt, my passion and the best type in my opinion is, Motion Graphics.

The appeal of motion graphic animation over the other types(such as traditional hand drawn or stop motion) was just a personal preference. I never truly understood its value until I began to work within the industry at BlueChief. Seeing for myself, the effects of GREAT and thought-provoking creative content and the way different media performs on the different social platforms, I am finally coming to grips with the importance of motion graphics and how it impacts businesses who use them!


Here is a list of reasons why motion graphics and business are a match made in heaven:

1. Entertain

Whether you engage the audience with the theme/story of the video or the interesting motion design and transitions between segments, all of these can capture your audience and keep them hostage for the duration of the video. The colours, textures, typography and many other design variables can be tailored to your brand and enhance the message and keeps the viewer watching! In short, it is very hard for them to be boring. Done right, motion graphic videos look good, are fun and engaging content to watch. I’d much rather watch something than read about it. How about you?


2. Visualise Data

Maybe your business has a unique product where your target audience has no frame of reference or previous experience. Maybe you have a complex or sensitive issue to convey to your audience. Maybe you need more than an infograph. If you want to properly communicate these messages then motion graphics may be the best way to visualise your data. The graphics may be as simple and as intricate as you please and can translate abstract theories /ideas a more tangible medium for your audience to come to grips. It gives your message a form that is visually stimulating. There are no limits to what you can visualise to your audience only creative ways to represent it in a method that is relatable and more memorable to the viewer. More about this in the next segment!

3. Picture Superiority Effect

The Picture Superiority Effect is a debated phenomenon that states that pictures and images are more likely to be remembered than words/text. It is based on various social experiments in which the people involved had better memory recall over varying lengths of time from visually stimulating media than written or heard words. With this theory in mind, if a picture paints a thousand more memorable words, then what can a moving picture achieve? Movement directs the viewers eye bringing direct attention to what you want your audience to remember days/weeks after.

4. Low Cost

When you allocate a budget to organic content for your business there is so much to consider but the bottom line is what is the best return on investment? The answer is easy. Motion Graphics are cost effective. For a project, you need one person for all pre-production, production and post steps. One person can make a high quality professional animation for the fraction of the cost of a videographer who must create something to the same standard but requires a camera, set, computer, lighting, actors etc. Video is great for when you need it but think about it, do you need a video to get your message across? Or would a quick motion graphic explainer video fit better? When you consider the other 3 points in this blog alongside the price tag attached to motion graphics it seems like a no-brainer and it is!



Well there you have it. Motion graphic animations can entertain and engage your audience, simplify and explain complicated processes or theories, be memorable long after viewing and have the best ROI than other video format/types. To be honest if I had my way, I would have made this a motion graphic animation over a blog any day.

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Clodagh Guerin

Clodagh is our Digital Media Designer. She brings her love of video games and competitiveness into all her designs especially motion graphics! In her spare time you’ll find her playing Overwatch!

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