How the Beauty Industry is taking over Social Media

March 8, 2018 Shannon McNamara

How the Beauty Industry is taking over Social Media

Social media obviously plays a major role in our day-to-day lives. From communication to just catching up with long-lost friends, it has definitely taking the world by storm. In the past number of years, we have seen how marketing has progressed through social media either through communication with clients, answering questions that users may have or even updating everyone how your desk looks.

But for one industry, the success of marketing through social media has undoubtedly taking over. This industry is: the beauty industry.

Why Makeup?

Known as the most mysterious brand online. Colourpop was founded in 2014 and was primarily built using the social media platform, Instagram. With over 5.6 million followers to date, they work together with various influencers including Ellarie, Karreuche Tran and Hello Kitty.

Thanking these platforms, the posting and sharing of beauty products, looks and reviews is now a common occurrence in our everyday lives. Great news for brands, this means their products are being sold without the interruption of the actual brand as vloggers are unmasking their products to their followers in the form of word-of-mouth marketing. Thus, social media playing a major role in branding.

With this in mind, these beauty brands are sending their products to these vloggers to showcase and review to their followers. Basically, this is advertising that pays for it. Vlogger’s receive free products, the company receives a free review.

Instagram is not the only social media platform that has noticed a boost in beauty related content. You can now visit Youtube to see how to do apply make-up, Snapchat’s is full of picture tutorials and of course, Facebook where beauty groups and live video’s have taking this platform by storm.

Typically, this is known as a trend. But as trends come and go do you think the power of beauty will over-power and keep this trend alive for some time? Or do you think it will change? Do you think this kind of marketing is replacing the use of traditional marketing?

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