Welcome To The New Influencers

April 3, 2018 Shannon McNamara

Welcome To The New Influencers

Blogging began as more of a personal diary for many people. Over the last several years, bloggers have taking the world by storm. These people are known as Influencers.

Welcome to the new Influencers

Influencers are digital citizens who snap, tweet, blog and post to their followers about reviews, products and even lifestyle. Click To Tweet

Their audience then make there way out to buy these products that are recommended. Living in a digital age, magazines are becoming more irrelevant while influencers are the reason for the increase in sales for particular brands.

In Ireland, 28% of residents use Instagram and another 74% use Facebook, the two biggest online social media tools for marketers, and influencing is big business on both sides of the coin. — Independent.ie

An Irish influencer that particularly caught my eye is award nominated for Fashion and Beauty, ClareWithTheHair in this year’s UK Blog Awards. In 2016, Clare was listed as one of the top ten beauty bloggers in Ireland. With a reach over 60,000 per month, Clare provides her followers with information focused upon travel, deals, make-up, fashion and her own day-to-day working life.

But why does Clare’s and many influencers like her, opinion influence the way we purchase?

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A Devoted Audience

In most cases, Influencers have a large Social Media presence, whether it be a large followers list on Instagram to heavy blog traffic which means that through them you can reach a wide audience. If Influencers acknowledge your brand or share a post, they are initally magnifying your brand.

Clare is a popular blogger on Instagram, who has around 17.2k followers. A fan of Too Faced Makeup, she constantly promotes and maintains a good online relationship with her followers, so much so that Clare has been a finalist in the Irish & Uk Blog awards for 2015, 2016 and 2017!


Influencers tend to create a good network. Their followers interact in a diverse range of topics in which the influencer posts about. This type of networking can lead to brand building.

Brand Building is generating awareness, establishing and promoting company using strategies and tactics. In other words brand building is enhancing brand equity using advertising campaigns and promotional strategies. Branding is crucial aspect of company because it is the visual voice of the company.  – mbaskool.com

In addition, they share or retweet these posts which means that your audience accumulates, growing your clarity. As well as, through them you can recognise other influencers, who reside within their audience. They can consecutively influence their own followers opinion of your brand.


An additional crucial aspect that advances to their immense following is reliability.

32% of consumers can tell if the influencer or source of the sponsored post has actually tried or used the product based on the content itself. Click To Tweet

28% of consumers judge an influencer marketing post based on its relevance to the influencer’s brand and previous product endorsements. – izea.com

The knowledge these influencers have in a particular field (Fashion, Beauty, Makeup) mixed with good communication and interaction they manage with their followers allows them to be trustworthy to the community that follows them. Their assessment of your brand will possible develop into the accepted belief amongst their audience.

Brands are profoundly engaging influencers and it is critical to pinpoint them. Creating favourable connection with these influencers will aid their support to be identify with your brand.

What is your opinion on influencers? Do you follow them or does their opinion now matter to you? Leave a comment below or Tweet me at  @ShanBlueChief 

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