Brand identity for The Mafia, Ireland's premier influencer marketing agency.

The Mafia brings a fresh approach to Influencer Marketing. Instead of just looking at the numbers, The Mafia spend the time needed getting to know their influencers and their audiences so we can better fit them to the brand that suits them. The Mafia believe that care needs to be taken when building a relationship with an influencer.


Each Influencer The Mafia manage and every brand they partner with, become part of The Mafia family.


Integrity is core to why we do, what we do. Connecting influencers with real personality to brands with global recognition.


The Mafia exist to inspire, to create and to Innovate. Rethinking how Influencers act with brands and how brands care for their audiences.

"The Mafia is Ireland’s premier influencer marketing agency."

In creating the brand we kept this idea of ‘Premier’ in mind and gave the brand an air of sophistication and edginess. Making the logo and the accompanying aesthetics become a work of art in their own right.

The word ‘Mafia’ has bad connotations surrounding it. So with the company name being ‘The Mafia’ we decided it was crucial to turn this preconception around. So we delved into researching the positive values to which The Mafia could contain.

Words such as organised, measured, clean, smart and secretive came to the forefront. So we implemented these qualities and feelings throughout the whole personality of the brand.



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