The Mafia

Brand identity for The Mafia, an influencer marketing agency.

Social Savvy

Brand identity of Ireland’s first Social Media conference for higher education.


Brand identity for Wasup (Wild Atlantic Startup) a summit bringing together Ireland’s brightest people in the start-up world.

"If you know the rules, you can break them"
Charlene Zubrzycki

Motion Graphics

This is a set of frames from a sample motion graphic animation made by our Digital Media designer, Clodagh.

Motion graphics can be as simple as moving shapes or as complicated as full character design and animation but the message is always effective as the visuals are tailor made and that means sky’s the limit with what you want your audience to see!

BC Sales Funnel


This animation was a very quick internal project. The objects seen in the video were created by our Head of Design, Charlene and then imported into Adobe After Effects and quickly animated by Clodagh, our Digital Media Designer.

Happy Halloween from TippyTalk


This Motion Graphic video was created for audience awareness and based on the clients blog. The content was narrowed down to simplify the message so it compliments the blog rather than replaces it. The colour scheme and style is also child-friendly in keeping with the theme of the blog. This animation was created in Adobe After Effects using objects created in Adobe Illustrator.

Video Production

BC Timelapse


For this timelapse we went to the streets of Limerick to catch the essence of the city. Each Timelapse took 30mins to film and was then sped up in post production so we could take full advantage of our 4k camera. The piece was designed as part of our own campaign to showcase Limerick as a place for jobs.

Oriel Femme Revive


For filming of this we traveled to the east coast of Ireland and Port Oriel where the Oriel products originate. We wanted to bring the full scope of Oriel to our shoot. We wanted people to see the connection between the sea, nature and and the end products. Conveying life and vitality, it is a great example of connecting the audience to the reality of the product.


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