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BlueChief Social is a leading social media and digital marketing agency in Limerick, Ireland. We’ve a large team of talented individuals who have a passion for social media and building brands online. We pride ourselves on building close working relationships with the clients we work with. We care about our clients, their brands and delivering the impact they want across social media and through online marketing. We work with companies looking to make a real impact across online marketing and who appreciate the true value of social media. Social Media is not a sprint, it’s a marathon of constant improvement and measurements.

  • Social: Workshops
  • Social: Workshops
  • Social: Workshops


Services we Provide:

  • Social Media Account management services to SME’s and Multinationals.
  • Bespoke on-site training programmes for Third Level Universities, Institutes and Departments.
  • Tailored Onsite/Offsite training for SME’s and Multinationals
  • Social Media and digital marketing Strategy and Consultancy for SME’s, Startups, Multinationals and all Third level Colleges.

5 Reasons to work with us:

  1. Our highly skilled team are passionate about all things social, digital marketing and the services we deliver.
  2. As a young, dynamic, and ambitious agency, we are striving to be one of Europe’s top social media and digital marketing agencies.
  3. Our approach, understanding, and knowledge of social media is unrivaled.
  4. We work with leading Multinationals, SME’s and Colleges across Ireland.
  5. We are pioneers for the latest tools, digital marketing strategies and campaigns to drive engagement and online interaction.


At BlueChief we strive to be at the forefront of emerging and current trends, and to use this information in; building social media plans, designing campaigns, managing accounts, developing visuals, and monitoring the latest tools to assist you. We also love email marketing.

We continuously meet with consultants, business owners, startups, the inspired individual and many more along this journey. These people have the ambition, drive and focus; all they need is direction, support and understanding. You’re on the right website, with the right team, just get in touch and we can take the leap together.


Workshops and Training

With the speed at which digital marketing is evolving it is important that business owners and leaders understand the potential that is available to them and their business. Working closely with you and your staff, BlueChief offers a comprehensive range of Social Media Workshops and Training to suit all businesses – helping teams discover the true power of Social Media, which, when used correctly can be such a powerful marketing tool.
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Social Media is a dynamic area of marketing which is constantly changing. It is important to have training in the platforms that are used both personally and professionally. Ensuring that you can use it to its full potential while seeing the benefits it will bring to you and your business. One-to-one consultancy sessions are tailored to the specific needs of the individual.
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Account(s) Management

Social Media is here, it’s not a passing fad, it’s not going away; be where your customers are: On Social Media.

Most businesses big and small by now know the power of Social Media but due to busy schedules and other tasks it is often impossible to find the time required to give it the attention it needs. BlueChief work closely with you and your brand to take care of the day to day maintenance of your Social Media Platforms, thereby allowing you time to do what you do best i.e. run your business. BlueChief tells your brand story, builds a following and engages you with new and existing followers.
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Digital Strategy Building

Having a well-structured, thought out tailored Social Media strategy is vital for any business. With potential customers spending more and more time on social media, this marketing tool has the power to turn a small localised business into an international brand with worldwide customers. Knowing what content your followers want to see and when they want to see it is vitally important for building your brand online. BlueChief works closely with clients to fully understand their story; target market; brand message and ambitions, takes all this information and BlueChief builds a Social Media Strategy tailored to the business needs; giving them the know-how and platform to take their Social Media offerings to a higher level.
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Account(s) Shadowing

For businesses that have Social Media knowledge but are unsure of best practices, BlueChief works closely with them to monitor their Social Media channels and offer behind the scenes advice on best practices; campaign ideas; follower building and much more. Having peace of mind is very important for many businesses and with BlueChief’s Account Shadowing service, you get just that.
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Logos & Branding

Having a well structured strategic plan for a brand is essential for any business, big or small. Many organisations and start up companies seem to neglect spending the time thinking about their brand, leading them to miss out on numerous opportunities. Here at BlueChief we can work closely with you on your brand and company ethos making you stand out from the crowd, promoting brand recognition and building a loyal customer base.
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