2 Tools That go Hand in Hand To Streamline Social Media

2 Tools That go Hand in Hand To Streamline Social Media

For many people and businesses who are active on Social Media, finding the time to find and schedule great content can often be challenging.  There are many tools out there which can help with the process and today I am going to focus on two which work together brilliantly, Buffer and Feedly.

Buffer Tool

Buffer is a social media scheduling tool BlueChief has been using for just over 2 years now. It is a useful service which automates the timing of your posts allowing you to plan your social media postings in advance. You can sign up through Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin which is quick and seamless. Alternatively you can create a dedicated buffer account by signing up with your email. Buffer is the perfect service for a busy person who does not have the time to log into social media accounts numerous times a day.

Ease of Use

Buffer’s dashboard is sleek, clear and very easy to navigate. With a free account you can post from a range of social media platforms including Twitter,  Facebook (a page or a profile) Linkedin (Profile or Group) and App.net. You can have up to 10 posts scheduled at a time. A paid account, priced at $10 per month, lets you post from 12 different profiles and schedule unlimited updates.

Once you have signed up you can easily add other accounts that you did not use to sign in. Even for those who may not be very technically minded, buffer is simple to use and all buttons, tabs and settings are very clear. Before you know it you will be using Buffer like a pro and most importantly saving valuable time.

Key Benefits of this Tool

I take it that the reason you are reading this review is because, like me, you are a busy person that is looking to streamline certain aspects of their social media. Buffer allows you to schedule posts to various social media platforms and also lets you schedule the times of each post. For me I like to sit down on Sunday morning with a big mug of coffee, search for content suitable for sharing with my network and schedule my posts for the week.


There are buffer extensions available for Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Opera. This extension is super useful. When you come across an interesting article online that you think is worth sharing, you simply hit the buffer button on the top right of your browser, select what profile to post to and hit Buffer. Your article will then be added to the queue.


Buffer does not forget about mobile users either. There is a useful mobile app available to download which makes scheduling content easy when you are on the go. Updates can be bookmarked to your Buffer from your mobile browser.

Buffer analytics lets you track accounts to see which tweets, statuses and updates  get the most mentions, retweets, clicks, shares and favourites. This is very useful for a business to track what content garners the most engagement amongst their audience.


For many people and businesses it is very important to get the right content in front of your followers. Provide for your followers and your followers will provide for you. Looking for the right content can be a laborious task. Quite often one will revert the a number of websites to source content. Feedly is a wonderful tool that allows you to channel all the content from your favourite websites into one place. This is a god send for any person or business who posts a large amount of content each and every week.

Ease of Use

Feedly is great for a number of reasons, the number one being that it is free. Like Buffer, it is simple to sign up through Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Windows and Evernote. Alternatively you can sign up with an email address and a few personal details.

The great thing about Feedly is that it plays nice with lots of other tools which really streamlines your social media activities. Buffer is one of those tools. These two tools work seemlesly together and it feels like they are a match made in heaven. Feedly also has a mobile app for android and ios which is sleek and easy to use. This is really useful if you need to schedule on the go.

Key Benefits of this Tool

Having all of your content sources in one place is a dream for any social media manager. Feedly has a search bar in the top right corner where you can look for your favourite websites and easily add these to your sources list. You can segment them into various categories to suit your needs. For me they are broken up into marketing, startups, social media and small business.


Your categories will appear on the left hand side in a menu bar. Once you click on one of your sites the articles will appear in a list format in the middle of the site. Click on a title for the article to drop down. From here you can easily add the article to your buffer and schedule it to be posted on multiple accounts if needs be.


What tools do you use?

With these two tools working hand in hand it will give you the opportunity to spend more time to engage with followers, concentrate on other aspects of your marketing efforts and focus on your business. Here’s an article by my colleague Daniel O’Brien on what he thinks it takes to be successful at social media.

If you use any tools that you think could be beneficial for social media managers please let me know in the comments below. I would love to hear from you.

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