BlueChief blog series: Students on social media

BlueChief blog series: Students on social media

My phone is currently face down on the desk as I write this. I can’t help but understand that my own distractions are notifications- and they’re deadly.

Depending on how engaged I am in what I am doing, notifications can get me. From “Facebook: Joe Wicks The Body Coach started a live video“, I swipe and watch while sitting in a lecture hall with no intense exercise plan in my past, present or future, or it could be “Pinterest” letting me know “my pins are waiting” and I am cascaded down the black hole of aesthetics of weddings before I realise I am not getting married and don’t need a ‘wedding board’.

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As a student, social media can be the most useful tool and the greatest distraction. I was intrigued to find out what other students felt about the various social media channels and how they use them.

Students on Social Media

I made up a six question survey around students social media usage, and attacked my college buddies around the country to fill it out, here are the results of question one.

BlueChief Social Media Survey

Snapchat was the favourite at 36%, then Facebook was at 24%, Instagram 17%, YouTube 15%, Twitter 5% and LinkedIn, Tumblr and WhatsApp were all at 1%, and “none for” YikYak.

It’s interesting that the buzz seems to surround Instagram, but Facebook is still more popular. The introduction of stories has made Instagram less one dimensional and more dynamic, but still its popularity outweighs its usage.

It needs to water the vine that Vine neglected.

So we missed YikYak’s funeral?

YikYak as a social media platform was different, and seemed to be competing on a completely different field, however they didn’t innovate enough to create grass. R.I.P YikYak will also be written on the social media tomb.

Snapchat is where the later Millennials (35-22) and Generation Z (21-12) are at. Snapchat is ‘extra’, ‘chilled’ and ‘vibing’- the three variables needed for Millennials and Generation Z to exist. Third-level institutions have a ready made specified audience ecosystem on Snapchat all they need to be is creative and we will come.

There is a great sense of urgency about Snapchat, a sense of urgency that has been instilled in Snapchat users since its birth. I am at the prime Snapchat age. It became a popular download on our iPod touches when I was about 16.

Jump on 5 years and we make up the third-level student market. We have grown up BlueChief Memewith the intricacies of Snapchat and its core principles: immediacy and intimacy. We have toned eye-balls from the various eye-rolls in response to the anyone over 50 saying, “so what? It disappears after 10 seconds?”

LendEDU conducted a survey of 9,381 college students in the States, asking them to respond truthfully to the question: “You open your phone and have a notification badge on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and LinkedIn…which do you click first?”

The results were similar to my smaller scale survey of Irish third-level students. The survey found that these Millennials were checking Snapchat before Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn combined. 58% of the students surveyed would check Snapchat first.

College students place an incredibly high value on Snapchat and it’s the immediacy and intimacy of the app that draws them in.

The Immediacy

It’s live, it’s now, it’s an experience.

College students are all about the experience of college. We live in the mentality of no FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). With Snapchat we never have to miss out again. We can miss the event, but still ‘be there’ through Snapchat.

You only get one chance to see the message, the video or the snap. You can only view someone’s story for 24hours. I use Snapchat to wake people up, if they haven’t replied on other forms of communication, if they still don’t reply on Snapchat something must be seriously wrong. Snapchat is urgent, it is instant, it has fostered its immediacy in its users for years.

The Intimacy

Young people now have basically forfeited their right to privacy. If you’re in an accident they will use your Facebook photo for the news report. You pop up on explore on Instagram, and whatever stranger clicks on your picture can view your profile.

We are accustomed to immediately being able to put a face to the name with an instant Facebook or Instagram search, we are able to find out what a person thinks and their opinions by searching them on Twitter.

Snapchat is a step further. Snapchat allows you into someone’s daily life. Snapchat has brought body language back to social media. Snapchat is as dynamic as it gets.

Also, cute filters.

BlueChief Snapchat Students on social media

Students on social media is a meaty topic, watch out for more blogs from me on the rest of the questions I surveyed. The results will surprise you.

Tell me what you think…

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