BlueChief Social – Story of Why

BlueChief Social – Story of Why

BlueChief Social is a social media marketing company that works with its partners to achieve real results for their brand, through improving brand personality and identity across social media.

We are filling the gap in the market -and the balance sheets- that occurs because of brands misrepresenting themselves online.

We are frustrated by the way brands only post about themselves and never engage with their target audience by telling a compelling story through quality content.

Being static on social media is like paralysing your brand, so much happens around you and you can’t react.

BlueChief Social have pinpointed exactly what it takes to get the right engaging message out there, and we are eager to share it with you.

We want people to be able to get a look and feel for your brand, we want to be able to channel and embody your brand, walk, talk and be the brand so we can best represent your brand’s charisma online.

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For BlueChief this comes from increasing brand engagement and brand awareness online.

BlueChief’s aim is to create content for your brand that people will care about and will engage with, and inevitably come back to engage with again.

Our aim is to create a personality for your brand online.

We understand the key to our work: psychology and human behaviour drives action. We can create action together.


BlueChief Social’s tribe combines attitude and aptitude to get the job done. Get the job done right.

Mastering social media, using it for your brand’s benefit is not a quick fix; it is a new way forward.

There is an unhealthy attitude among companies that social media is a young person’s game.

The game of marketing hasn’t changed much since its inception, what has changed is the type of field.

BlueChief social is appealing to those who want to effectively market their company online, but do not have the expertise to do it.

In the modern social media sphere, brands don’t just need a marketing genius with vision and skill to build the brand’s name and what they do. Brands now need a marketing genius, a data analyst and a savvy designer, in order to master the complex and always changing world of social media.

The need to have a brand presence is just as important online as it was through the traditional and mainstream media. Now, through social media, there are countless ways to express brand identity.

Usually or traditionally when times are tough, companies choose to cut their spending on marketing, which is what, at a basic level, drives and generates sales.

We need to work with the people who want to make an investment in themselves. To generate investment-led growth: social media led growth.

We work with a method and a technique that is adaptable to a singular company in a particular industry, by the same way we adapt to the rapidly changing world of social media.

We make the templates and pioneering frameworks for the ‘eureka’ ideas to take shape online and show you that they have taken effect online.

We have the social media metrics to compare to your competitors. To show you that with our social media manipulation, you are always moving forward.


Every brand is unique and different and so the methods and processes with which we deal with your brand will be different.

BlueChief Social works as an independent and innovative social media marketing company that tailors how we work and what we do for each of our individual partners.

We want a partner, not a client.

BlueChief Social deviates from the standard company, as we nurture the partner relationship.

We are anything but standard and normal, we will not just deliver you the results that you expect, but we will deliver you the results you need.


We do not want to work with everybody we want to work with a company that thinks like us or appreciates our way of thinking.

We only work with brands that see and cherish their vision as much as we do.

This is an investment, not a cost.

We will invest the time if you do.

We want a partner so we can collectively best represent your brand.

Your brand’s presence online is representative of our company. If you’re not doing well, neither are we.

People who care about the vision of their brand are the people who we want to partner with.

We can’t fake the authenticity of your brands ethos and attitude; we can’t properly represent you online, unless you bring us the ethos and attitude that makes your brand unique.


Practice does not make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect.

We value our expertise because we know that our expertise is of value and it will be worth something to you.

We use the diverse range of personalities and skills at BlueChief to make the most of your brand online. Each person adds something different in order to achieve the maximum from every addition your brand posts online.

We will cut out the trial-and-error time for you of figuring out what worked and engaged people online and what didn’t.

The world of social media rapidly and completely changes on a regular basis, and so does BlueChief.

Why are we who you want to work with?

  • Intense attention to detail;
  • Undeniable understanding of the industry;
  • Unbeatable comprehension of analytics;
  • Never missing the heads-up on the latest trends.

We are always examining and re-learning the social media market, what’s next, what’s around the corner.

In the fast paced, highly adaptable and educative environment at BlueChief Social, we learn in dog years: for every year at BlueChief we are getting seven years experience.


We don’t set goals at BlueChief, if we don’t put a ceiling on our goals we will aim to go as high as we can go; we want every possibility to be limitless.

We need you to adopt the limitless spirit so we can give you results that you didn’t even know were possible.

Connect with us to let your brand’s limitless potential take shape. Let us know why you would want to be our partner.


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