BlueChief Social Tips to make the most of Twitter

BlueChief Social Tips to make the most of Twitter

When I talk to someone who doesn’t use Twitter, or is new to it, I often hear them say

“Oh Twitter, I just don’t get it”

The land of hashtags, 140 characters, and trends can be daunting to begin with. Very often, when people begin they simply use the home feed. Straightaway these people are at a disadvantage! Depending on how many accounts you follow, Tweets on your home feed could speed by without you noticing them. On average 6000 tweets are sent out…….every second 

We here at BlueChief Social think it is one of the best, if not the best, social networks to connect with others and find great information. To help people who are new to the network or who want to make the maximum use of it, we got together and discussed the best ways to make the most of Twitter.

Make sure your Twitter profile is 100% complete

LinkedIn has a great feature that tells you when your profile is at All Star level. To achieve this on Twitter, make sure you do the following:

  • Your username – So long as it is available, make sure your name is related to your business. Try to avoid numbers as these are often associated with personal or bot users.
  • Your avatar – Nothing is more annoying than a Twitter egg profile picture. Make sure to add a clear avatar of yourself or your business.
  • Your header photo – While not essential it can help you to make a good first impression, so make sure that the photo you pick is relevant to what you want to use your Twitter profile for!
  • Details – Make sure this is rich in keywords and summarises you or what your business does. Some research here on industry relevant words is definitely worth doing.
  • Add your website – If you have a website, add it as it is great for SEO. Having an active profile that is linked to your website can help it rank higher on Google.
  • Theme colour – Again this is more superficial, if you want to change the theme to the colour that you want associated with your business then by all means do.
  • Start Tweeting – When it comes to Twitter nothing beats experience, so start tweeting and engaging with others.

Twitter All Star

These are all important things to do when you’re on Twitter, however it is just the start. By ticking off these boxes you have built a solid foundation for Twitter. To make maximum use of Twitter though, you need to complete the following three steps.

Step 1. Start using lists

When you follow someone, Twitter gives you the option of adding their profile to a list. Creating lists is a great way to tailor and find information on Twitter that is both interesting and relevant. When people are added to your list, you see only the tweets that people on these lists send out. If you’re unsure of where to begin, simply see what news sources from your industry are on Twitter and create a list of them. Straightaway you will be able to see all the latest news and events. By sharing this and connecting with such people you will have your finger on the pulse of your industry.

From here you can create lists of existing clients, potential clients or influential people in your industry. A great thing with lists is that you can make them either public for everyone to see/use or private so that just your profile can see it. You can also subscribe to lists that other people have made public. Below is an example of some lists that I have created. Feel free to subscribe to them.

Twitter Lists

Step 2. Start using Tweetdeck NOW

Tweetdeck is, in our opinion, the best tool to use when it comes to making the most out of Twitter. Everyone at BlueChief has been using it and loves it. Tweetdeck is a dashboard tool that lets you tailor what you see on Twitter to whatever suits your needs.

The best way I can describe Tweetdeck is a drill that allows you to mine down into the vast amount of Tweets that are sent out daily. As a result you can find Tweets and people that are relevant to you. It helps you to do this through the use of columns. The Add Column button is a great tool to use as it lets you divide the tweets in terms of when you’re mentioned, notifications, lists, messages and what’s trending in your country. All these allow you to divide up the Tweets being sent out daily in a way that makes them manageable.

Tweetdeck Add Column

Step 3. The Twitter Search Bar

After some discussion we all agreed that the search bar is up there with Tweetdeck as one of the most important tools for people to use. Believe it or not, sometimes it’s even better to use than Google (don’t tell anyone!!).

Depending on what you’re looking for, the instant nature of Twitter means you can find something the moment it is put up – as events happen.

The filter – This is a terrific way to mine even further down into Twitter and help you find not only what you’re looking for but also makes it interactive. Using the example of ‘StartUp’, type the following into the Twitter search bar:

  • Startup filter:links – This will show you every Tweet with startup in it and any link
  • Startup filter:images – This will show you every Tweet with startup in it and an image
  • Startup filter:videos – This will show you every Tweet with startup in it and a video
  • Startup filter:news – This will show you every Tweet with startup in it and a news link

This feature can help you find Tweets that are interactive and can help you stand out. The great thing is that this feature can also be used on Tweetdeck.

Need more help with Twitter or social media?

Twitter is an amazing tool for businesses to use. It can connect you with customers and influential people at the click of a button. A # trending can be a great feeling as well. If you have any questions please leave us a comment or follow us on Twitter. If you want to find out how BlueChief Social can help you make the most out of social media please contact us.

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