Started building your strategy? Why the hell not?!?

Started building your strategy? Why the hell not?!?

So you’re thinking of starting to use Instagram for your store or Facebook for your brand. What’s the most important thing to do before you sign up and hit post? You plan out what you’re going to do. As I’ve said in previous blogs:

Prior Planning and Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance

If there was 2 words I’ve heard more in the last 2 years it’s strategy and processes (I’d swear everyone is talking about processes these days). These are the places you should start before you hit the sign up button. But what does this involve? Well this blog will highlight the key areas to focus on and how to start things off on the right foot.

5 Key Questions to Ask about your social media strategy


What are the Keys to Building your Brand?

When it comes to building your brand what steps are you going to take. What do I mean by this? Well think of it like a building and each floor is another step towards building your brand. Now I won’t go into too much detail because well there’s 9 bloody floors and this could be a blog onto itself. Instead I’m going to focus on the 3 key areas of focus for:

strategy social media

  • Have a personality/a voice people want to hear from – You’ve no idea how something as simple as showing behind the scenes pictures and video can help people see the human side of your brand. Still not sure I’ll change your mind in 2 word: Mannequin Challenge. From sports teams to office businesses to yours truly a tonne of different organisations took part in this. The reason they did was twofold. It’s simple to do and it works!! This is just one area where you can add personality. Heck if you’re looking for another good idea why not use bitmoji and create a business mascot who can be used in your story and add some humour to your story. It’s small things like this that can make a big difference.
  • Tell your story, make it informative, fun and engaging. What do the best Christmas ads all have in common? They tell a story. So see what angle you can use to tell your own brands story. Do you stand for particular values?
  • Be consistent, opportunistic and add value – I recently heard a new favourite saying for social media, it’s a steeple chase not a sprint. There will be bumps but it’s crucial to stay the course (why does the Grand National spring to mind??). To do this consistency is crucial. Nothing is as bad as a Twitter account that’s had nothing sent out for over a year. So put a plan together and stick to it. Linking to the Mannequin Challenge if you see something start to Snowball jump on board. A useful tip here is to check what’s trending in Ireland on Twitter. Keep an eye out for things that happen out of the blue and see if you can join the conversation. Lastly add value. If you see someone has a question answer it and then more. Give people tips and advice on an area that’s related to your business. Or why not reach out and answer an issue you believe some has. The thing with adding value is that if it’s in an area where you have expertise then little research is needed. That and it helps create more rounded content that combines promotion, personality and value.


What are your Key Deliverables?

For many that’s simple, the bottom line. However it can also include leads generated and traffic to a website. So determine what ones you want to focus on. Wondering where you can find out this info? Simple if you do advertising than the tools are available for you to find out the ROI on advertising. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram or Google you can work out how the ads do, the cost but most importantly the average cost per action on your ad.

When it comes to leads & traffic there’s a free tool out there that you can link to your website Google Analytics. As highlighted in my last blog there is a lot of free data out there that you can use to determine the numbers + the key info on what’s working, what isn’t and how they’re contributing to the bottom line.


What Content can you Create?

This is the area that people have one of the biggest issues with. Why? Well because when people think of doing a video what comes to mind is a Hollywood version high-quality video. When they think of images they think it has to be high end. What do both of these things mean? They’re expensive. It’s time for a change of mindset. Instead of thinking start doing!! For example here’s a video of a recent workshop we did.

How long was put into making this? 1 take and the time it took to post this on Facebook. What about images? There are some great free tools out there to help you with this as well. Canva comes to mind straightaway. So when it comes to this what’s important to ask yourself is not the kind of content you create but what category does it fall under? Is it opportunistic, daily, a campaign or are you at an event. So are you doing campaigns? Is it opportunistic or are you doing daily content. On top of this ask yourself a simple question?

What type of content does your audience consume?

More than likely the more interactive it is the better.  


The Rules of Engagement

Now if you’re one of those who posts and tweets without interacting and engaging with people than just move along. If you do or you want to improve this then here are the rules of engagement that we follow at BlueChief Social.

Again there are a good few so if I was to pick the key ones they would be:

  • Plan and strategise so you don’t fail – Ummm that’s kind of what this blog is about so I don’t need to go into much detail
  • Engage so you can listen – Too often social media is viewed as a loudspeaker but if anything it a fantastic listening device. If people have questions for you answer them!! This is a great opportunity to get primary data from your customers and also answer their issues. Trust me good customer service stands out (Zappos are a great example).

    At the same time general conversation can help you identify trends that are happening. For example simply by listening to industry news and engaging with people I’ve been able to spot some pretty interesting trends ahead of time (cough cough Facebook video).


Scheduled Vs Organic Content

The big question at the moment, what’s the best balance? I had a look through my Twitter account recently and went back over the last 12 months. I split it into 4 groups focusing on three months each (this is the max amount you can analyse in one period on Twitter). For the last 12 months the split through nearly every period was Organic 7 Scheduled 3. So use this as the ratio for your own social media content. However it’s essential to remember the whole time to be human and not like a bot. Bots can be spotted pretty quickly and whatever you do Don’t Use Automated Messages!!!!


Let Us Help You With Our Strategy Review Doc

So there are just some of the key areas to work on with your strategy. From your brand to key deliverable to the rules of engagement it’s crucial to focus on all these areas. As is the organic content you do. Need more help? Get in touch with us and we will do out a review doc focusing on how you’re doing at the moment, the key opportunities for this year and areas you can improve on ASAP. If you want this doc which you can see below then get in touch with us at or tweet us

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