Businesses on Social Media, What the F*@#?!?!?

Businesses on Social Media, What the F*@#?!?!?

So it’s been a while since I’ve been able to really blog. Been kind of busy in the fast and in-depth world of being in sales mode. It’s been heavy going, to say the least but also really interesting. From the vast number of businesses I’ve come in contact with and researched the following is what comes to mind when I think of how they’ve used social media

Actually it was my reaction as soon as I started doing analysis of brands on social media. From here it didn’t really change. I was pretty stunned, to say the least. These businesses aren’t the likes of startups who have to juggle being the owner, point of contact, producer and head of finance all at the same time while also trying to build their brand. They’re established and big businesses who as far as I’m concerned have no excuse not to be harnessing these channels. The image below is a scale I used out to gauge how businesses were doing on social media. It’s the average for all the businesses I researched.

social media

Oh and it’s out of 10 not 5…..let that sink in

So when a business says they have a strong presence on social media I ask myself

“Do they have a “strong presence”, or do they have a strong presence?

If you’re the latter then great job on being an active and consistent brand (check out the best ones these are two key traits they all have). They also show personality and create content in the way their audience wants to consume it.

Think you’re doing good on social? Can you honestly answer these 3 questions with a yes. Because if you can’t then its time to take a step back and refocus your time and resources. As with other areas of business and life if you’re only doing something half arsed and expect amazing results guess what, not gonna work.

Do you have Personality?

A quick scroll through your timeline will answer this question for you pretty quickly. It’s still annoying that I’ve to say this but the sell, sell, sell tactic DOES NOT WORK!!! It really doesn’t. You’ll bore people pretty quickly and they’ll unfollow or simply hide your content.

Here’s a challenge, for a month start posting content that shows your audience behind the scenes and the people in your business, go through the analytics and see how this goes. From my own experience odds are this content will get the biggest engagement. Now I’m not asking you to totally drop the sell sell approach (if you don’t promote your business no one else will) but instead balance it up between:

  • Behind the scenes
  • Value added content
  • Promotional content

A mix of content will help people get a more rounded picture of your business and help your brand stand out.

What content do you create?

Is it all text with one or two images put up from time to time? If it is then stop right now. Video + images are the way forward. This is the case across all networks. Do you have videos? Why not upload them to YouTube and Facebook and hey presto you’ve video covered online. Wondering about what video content to use why not try:

  • Value added
  • Behind the scenes
  • Promotional videos

I’m starting to see a trend here.

It’s crucial to harness video because it’s the way things are going.

Can’t do video then utilise image based content. Whatever about video there’s not excuse not to use images. From your own images to using the likes of Canva + Google Images + Powerpoint there are so many ways to create this content. Moral of the story, start using images now.

Look at your own newsfeed and ask yourself the question:

Which content stands out and which just blends into the background?

I’m going to take a guess and say that video is the best approach to take.

How often do you post content?

Social media moves fast so it’s important to keep up to date with the latest news. Things move so fast though that the content you posted up can go out of date pretty quickly so frequency plays an important part in harnessing these channels. In a nutshell when it comes to the key social networks here’s a breakdown of the frequency that you should use them:

  • Facebook 3-4 posts a day, try off peak times and see how these do
  • Twitter, I’m not going to lie there’s no such thing as too many tweets
  • Instagram 2-3 good quality posts a day
  • Snapchat – Post stories daily
  • YouTube – One video a week at least

It’s important to remember this only plays a part of frequency. Whats also important to remember is reaching out to people and engaging with them. So take part in conversations in Twitter chats, Facebook groups etc and like/interact with others content as well. Always remember that frequency is a two pronged approach and not just posting content.

Want to start doing social media right?

It’s clear that many businesses need to up their A game. Knowledge and time are often sighted as the biggest problems. There’s one other I’d add to this, drive. It is not easy but if you like what you’re doing it’s half the battle. I firmly believe that this is the starting point with getting the most out of social media.


From here we can help you out. Not sure yet? Why not contact us and we’ll do a brand review of your business on social media and take things from there

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