The Top Plugins to Help With Your Marketing In 2017

The Top Plugins to Help With Your Marketing In 2017

Right I’m just going to skip jingle bells and move onto 2017. Only joking I don’t mind Christmas (once we start seeing the signs of it after Halloween because I love Halloween!!). Seriously though when it comes to planning your marketing for 2017 you should start, now!!

One of the areas that businesses can often overlooked is plugins for chrome. The reason for this is simple there are so many plugins out there. There are numerous lists of top 30, top 40 and top 50 plugins out there and the problems with these is who has the time to go through that many plugins.

Actually I do

For the last few weeks I’ve gone through a decent number of these lists and tested out free tools that businesses can use for their marketing in 2017. Oh did I mention they’re free? From email to images to Facebook here are some real useful plugins that you have to try in 2017.

Oh and did I mention they’re free

Social Media Plugins

Klout – Wondered how you social media profiles score out of 100? Klout is the tool you need then. Once you sync up all your profiles you can get a gauge for how you’re doing online. You can see what works and what doesn’t and you can do A/B testing to see what will increase your Klout score. It’s a great and simply way to see how you do online but you can also use it for gamification.

For example create a league table in your business. This will help build competition that will motivate people to work on their social scores. If they have any competitive instincts this will surely stoke them!!


Save to Facebook – The vast major of content shared on social networks is shared on Facebook. This plugin saves articles and webpages to your Facebook profile directly. You can either go straight onto your Facebook profile or the business page you manage and either post that content or schedule it. This button saves you time in terms of getting content from one website and moving it to your Facebook page. Now you can do it at the click of a button.

Share to Facebook – This plugin allows you to share content directly to Facebook. The one time this tool is really of use is if social media plugins don’t already exist on the website you are currently on.


Email Plugins (Please note you’ll never look at your email address the same way again after these plugins)

MailTrack – Ever wondered if someone has opened your email when you send it? Well now you can see when they opened, how many times they’ve opened it and even on what platform they’ve opened it. I think this image below shows my initial reaction.


This can be really useful especially if you’re doing tailored emails to specific and want to know they have opened your email. It’s useful especially if they use the “Oh I didn’t get your email” excuse. It’s free up to a certain point however for many of you this will be enough. If you have big databases and want to mine down for campaign reasons then I’d recommend a tool like Mailchimp.

Rapportive – This is a really useful email plugin that will show you the social media profile of the email address you’re communicating with. It will also show the common connections both email addresses have. The below example is for man of a lot of titles Shane McCarthy who could honestly audition for Game of Thrones with that many titles in his LinkedIn profile.

email plugin

Image Plugins

Colours with Eye Dropper – Wondering what’s the exact colour of some text? An image on a website? This is great tool will identify those colours for you. It is a great tool if you want to have consistent colours in the content you put up online. For example your business colours.

Text With WhatFont – This tool identifies the font of the text used on a website……there you have it.

Images + Type with Stencil – This tool is great for finding stock images that you can use. When combined with Eye Dropper and WhatFont you can now create images that have a specific font and colour that is relevant for you. It’s the small details that can be the difference. The thumbnail used for this blog was made using these three tools that:

Conform with the BlueChief colours

  • The font we use
  • The theme we use as well

Ad Block Plugin, Let the Rant Begin!!

Ah online advertising I don’t know how often I’ve had shampoo and hair extensions targeted at me. This is one of the biggest areas of contention that I have with advertising online. I don’t mind when the ad that is targeted at me is one that I’m interested in. I do mind though when it’s clearly mass marketed and doesn’t take anything into account other than the fact that I’m on the website/social network. It’s bad on websites but when I see it on social networks I’m pretty angry for the simple reason that you can target people accurately. If you don’t then this shows you’re just too lazy (rant over). Ad Blocker does what it says on the tin. It blocks many ads from being targeted at you. In recent times ads have started to appear again but one of the benefits of these are best practice (well mostly). This is a lesson for many businesses, work on

Ad Block does what it says on the tin. It blocks many ads from being targeted at you. In recent times ads have started to appear again but one of the benefits of these are best practice (well mostly). This is a lesson for many businesses, work on your ads so the right people get targeted. Poor targeting was the original reason why I added this plugin. I don’t care about your fashion event, put the time and effort into targeting someone who does

Hmmmm think I might do a blog on advertising online and the rise of the ad blocker

Have a Plugin you love using?

So there you have it. From Facebook to email to images there are some great plugins out there to help you make your marketing efforts in 2017 more efficient. The best thing is you can start doing it from today. Have a plugin that you find useful? Why not let us know on Facebook.