eBook vs Video the battle of quality marketing tools

eBook vs Video the battle of quality marketing tools

We here at BlueChief social are definitely in the school that believes video is an essential tool to harness in 2015. At the same time though as with many things online there is no one stop solution to everything. In recent years eBooks have grown in use and importance. But why is it better to use than video? There are a couple of key reasons why ebooks have an advantage over videos:

  • Simplicity
  • Good for lead generation
  • Interactive nature
  • Provide in depth value for customers
  • SEO

As the chart below shows sales of eBooks can now be counted in the millions. They have moved one from being a new tool for people to use to a legitimate challenger to the traditional hard copy.

Ebook Sales

In the business world they have gone from a buzz word to an essential tool for businesses to use in their online efforts. 34% of B2B marketers use eBooks in their campaigns. There are a couple of key points why eBooks are a better tool to use than a video.


When it comes to making a video people are still uneasy about making their own content. A lot of this has to do with the time and effort that can be required to plan and execute a video piece. For example if you’re doing a promotional video then it can require you to:

  • Plan out the video – This can include what kind of content you want in the video, the style of the video, dialogue.
  • Execute the video – Whether its with a person talking to the camera or a slideshow
  • Make sure that the video is of a good enough quality when benchmarked against others
  • Upload the video and start promoting it on various social media channels

When it comes to an eBook all that is required is Microsoft Word or Google Docs. Its that simple. The biggest issue is the time required to research the content of the eBook. However very often eBooks are about a core part of the business. As a result a lot of the groundwork has already been done. As well as that eBooks can be easily edited and changed where needed. In terms of ease of publishing from initial idea to the end product it is a lot simpler to do than a video.

BlueChief Tip: When doing your first eBook make sure its about an area of the business that you know inside out backwards so that any questions people have can be answered easily

Good for lead generation

For many businesses email is still a cornerstone of their online campaigns. It is an important tool to utilise and very often when you get an eBook you provide your email address to get access to it. This is another important factor behind using an eBook, the people who want the eBook are interested in what it is you do and as a result they are a potential customer. The process isn’t as straight forward with video as often you can only direct people to your website. An eBook is further down the sales funnel process as it highlights to you who is interested in your product or service.

BlueChief Tip: Use eBooks to help build your email lists. At the same time the kind of eBook people get can also help you create different consumer segments. As a result you can tailor your content to be more specialised and personal.

Interactive nature

A good eBook not only provides people with valuable information/value it is also interactive. For example links and hyper links can be included to help direct readers to additional information and resources. Whether its a benchmark report that helps support your findings or testimonials about your product these can help add an extra dimension to your work and give it extra credibility. In contrast videos generally consist of the content in the video and links that you may include throughout. If anything I would see video as a tool you can add to your eBook by directing people to how to guides of video testimonials. In my opinion an eBook can be at the core of your efforts and video can be a tool you can add to help get the word out about and support it.

BlueChief Tip: Include video links in your eBooks as a tool to help add further value.

Making ebooks interactive

Provide in depth value to customers

When I think of an eBook and from my experience of using eBooks the first thing that comes to mind is Quality. Ebooks do take some time to do depending on the type of eBook you create and the research that is required for them. However as a result you become an expert at the area that you’re talking and as a result you get to know the ins and outs of your topic. While eBooks can be used to promote a product/service adding value to your cutomers experience can be just as important. These people the aim is excellent customer service and eBooks that answer particular issues can be a great weapon in your arsenal. Videos on the other hand as can be seen with the growth of the likes of vine and Instagram video are moving more towards shorter and shorter durations. When you think about it if given the option between two How To videos people will often go for the shorter one for the simple reason that it saves time. Ebooks on the other hand award quality and quantity

BlueChief Tip: Create an eBook on FAQs that people have


As has so often been said these days Google not only awards new content but also quality content. By their nature eBooks are a terrific piece of quality content. The best way to think of an eBook is as a core tool in your SEO tactics as it ticks the following boxes:

  • Its new and quality content
  • Outbound links to quality sites helps to increase its authority
  • The right eBook can help generate buzz and drive people organically to your website

These three factors are all essential in order to rank well on Google and an eBook can be a great tactic to use in a businesses online campaign. Linking your eBook to your social profiles can be a great tactic to help drive traffic to your website as well. An indirect benefit of this is that your website will rank higher due to the increase traffic that comes from these sites. Constant activity on social media networks is also important to help with your overall ranking on Google as well.

BlueChief Tip: Use your social media channels to not only spread word about your eBook but to also help your website rank higher due to the increased traffic

eBooks are great to use, so whats the best approach to take?

As you can see eBooks are a terrific tool to use to help establish yourself online. Whether your goal is to find potential clients or to place yourself as a knowledge leader in the industry and develop your reputation it can be a great tactic to use. It is important to remember that eBooks are but a part of your overall inbound marketing strategy. But what is inbound marketing? Quite simply inbound marketing is the marketing activities that you do to bring people to you rather than going out to get potential clients attention. It differs from outbound marketing in that

  • Its a two way communication
  • Its marketing that provides value
  • It is tailored to the consumers journey

Ebooks definitely fall into this category. At the same time it is important to connect eBooks with the other key inbound marketing tools:

  • Your blog
  • Newsletter
  • Social Media
  • Email

All of these combined helps to harness the strengths of each tool so that you can maximise your online exposure to potential clients.

BlueChief Tip: When it comes to eBooks think of them as a part of the the overall inbound structure and help use these tools to help promote it.

Inbound Strategy



Starting off with Inbound Marketing eBook offer

As you can see using eBooks in your inbound marketing campaigns has it strengths. It can be an important tool to use for finding potential customers but also to help develop your image as a thought leader as well. If you’re new to the idea of inbound marketing and want to learn more then we have just the thing for you……

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Inbound Marketing in 30 minutes highlights some of the key areas of inbound marketing such as:

  • Outbound vs Inbound
  • Contact Management
  • Lead Nurturing
  • The value of free content
  • Mass Email Marketing
  • Linking all these together

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