Growth Hackers Meetup, What I’m looking forward to as a Noob

Growth Hackers Meetup, What I’m looking forward to as a Noob

Well today is going to a busy day for me (not that most days in a Startup aren’t busy enough as it is). This evening I’m going to a Growth Hackers and Entrepreneurs Meetup in Dublin. For anyone new to this it’s basically an event where people can network but also hear from special guests attending the event. As with Startup Weekend I have a confession to make:

I’m a noob

I have never been to one of these events before as a lot of these events are on in the evening and as I result I was generally too busy to go to them (the joys of balancing life in a Startup with being sport). When the opportunity came to go to this though I decided why not. There are a couple of key reasons why I decided to head up to Dublin for this event. I chose these as they would be reasons why any other noob would want to go as well.

You get to network

Plain and simple, you get to expand your own network by interacting with others. I came across an interesting article recently that highlighted the power you can harness simply through the network of people you know. Very often this can be overlooked in the push to find new people and customers. This event will be a great opportunity to help expand my network outside of the Limerick region as up to this point my only way to interact with others not around Limerick was through Twitter and LinkedIn.

You’re networking with like minded people

With some networking events you go to them unsure of what people will be there. When an event says it is for small business it can cover a huge category of people in a wide variety of different industries.

This event though is aimed at growth hackers and entrepreneurs.  I will be able to talk with others in my area and get their views and opinions about issues and topics that are of relevance to me.

As well as this there will also be guest speakers such as Ian Cleary, Adam Ferguson, Mark Cummins and  Cian Brassil. They will share their tips at achieving rapid growth as well as digital marketings best practices.

The interesting thing with the digital marketing landscape is how often best practices can change. Whether its through a Google change that means you have to focus on a different area or a new social network emerges out of the blue (think Meerkat and Periscope) few industries are moving as fast. As a result you have to keep up with the pace of be left behind quickly.

Want to follow the event?

These are just a few of the reasons why Im looking forward to tonight. If you want to follow the event simply follow me on Twitter for updates throughout the evening.


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