How Startup Weekend Seduced Me

How Startup Weekend Seduced Me

As the newest member of the team here at BlueChief Social I have to admit it: When it comes to Startup Weekend I’m a Noob.

StartUp Weekend Noob

I wasn’t involved in the first Startup Weekend that was held in Limerick last November. I heard about it but didn’t attend. After seeing some of the videos, pics and posts that we sent out during and after the event I had some regrets at not attending it. Luckily for me it wasn’t a once off as this April StartUp Weekend returns to Limerick.

From initially being unsure what it was that this event was about and thinking “screw that I want to have the weekend off” I’m now a fully signed up member to the next event. There are a couple of key factors  why this is so.

I chose these as they would be the main reasons why anyone new to the idea would want to go.

You get to create a business in 54 hours

When it comes to creating your own StartUp there is no end to the information and advice people can get to help them through the process. At times though it can feel like moving through treacle as you find out more and more things that make it seem like a never ending carousel. With StartUp weekend the goal is simple. Do the same process in only 54 hours. While it seems daunting to begin with how often have you wished to mould an idea and just see how things go without having to dot all the I’s and cross the T’s. If you have an idea that has been simmering for a while but you haven’t had the time to invest in it you can use StartUp weekend almost as a test tube to see how it goes.

Network and connect with some of the top people in the region/country

We recently had a WASUP meet up in Limerick City, it was my first one and the first thing that stood out was that everyone there was enthusiastic about their business and wanted to share their experiences and learn from others. These same people and many more will be involved in StartUp Weekend. Those who attend want to be there and contribute to whatever StartUp idea it is that they become a part of.

It’s only a weekend

Think about it what would you normally be doing at the weekend? At the StartUp event if you have an idea for a business not only will you be able to work on that idea in an environment that is perfect but you also get to pitch this idea to investors at the end of the weekend. Think of it as putting your business idea through its paces but with training wheels on. If it doesn’t work then it’s just a weekend lost however if it does work then there is the potential to have created a viable business idea that you could result in a new direction for your career.

See what you can contribute and learn from others

My own background is in business and marketing, one of the things I will be most interested to find out is how my skills and experience can help create, develop, organise and run a business in as little a time as possible. As the saying goes its better to learn by doing. At the same time I will be surrounded by people with backgrounds in a wide variety of fields. Another thing I will be interested to see is how I will work in a team that has been formed in no time at all. From previous experience the teams that work best have members from a variety of different fields but who also gel together as soon as possible. StartUp weekend is the perfect test of this.

A word from the Organisers of StartUp Weekend

These are just some of the reasons why I will be going to StartUp Weekend this April. Luckily I was able to sit down with some of the organisers of the event and they gave some great reasons to not only attend but also some nice advice for people looking to get into the StartUp life.

Mark F. Carey (Award Winning Entrepreneur, Producer, Writer and Business Mentor)


Why should people go to StartUp Weekend? StartUp Weekend is a great way for people to get feedback on a new business idea they have and maybe start a business with it. It’s also a fantastic way to learn how to work in a team environment, under time restraints that creates a high pressure scenario with a friendly edge. Perfect for gaining experience and learning.

What are your StartUp tips? Have as much of your product ready by the end of Sunday, having the most commercially viable product is the key.

Describe the StartUp life in one word: Random

Maree Lanigan (Demand Supply Analyst EMEA)



Why should people attend Startup Weekend?  The opportunity to meet like minded people, grow your network and build new relationships.  The opportunity to develop a number of skills such as presentation skills, project management, time management and Leadership. The opportunity to gain a new experience, away from the day to day. Build on your knowledge of the steps involved in setting up a Startup company.

What are your StartUp Tips? I don’t currently have my own Startup but based on my knowledge of start-ups, my tip would be to follow your passion and look for opportunities to build your business around it.

Describe the StartUp life in one Word? This is but a dream at the minute

These are just some of the reasons to attend StartUp Weekend in April. If you have any questions then please leave a comment. If you want to find out more about this great weekend then make sure to check out the website and their events page on Eventbrite.


Startup Weekend will be back in Limerick this month on Friday, March 24-26th 2017. Head over to their event page for more details.


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