5 Easy Steps to Help You Post On Instagram Daily (That’s Right Daily)

5 Easy Steps to Help You Post On Instagram Daily (That’s Right Daily)

You might have heard recently that Instagram just passed Twitter in terms of users. As my earlier blog highlighted, the fact that Instagram now does advertising shows that it is one of the big boys in the social media landscape! On my average daily commute, if I have a quick look around, the vast majority of people are on their phones (big surprise). But of these, the majority are also on Instagram for one key reason:

It’s so easy to use!!!

Now, as with all social channels… it’s a marathon not a sprint (I might have mentioned that before). The challenge with Instagram is being able to create content and post it daily, yes the best way to use this platform is to be active every day. This can be achieved using these 5 easy steps:

  1. Create a Storyboard
  2. Use Image and Video Tools
  3. Regram Others’ Content
  4. Test and Be Creative
  5. Show You!!!

How do I know these work? Well recently I started to take Instagram very seriously and instead of putting up something every couple of days I gave myself the challenge of putting up content at least once a day.

Create a storyboard

The best way to look at Instagram and social media in 2016 is like a story. You need to capture people’s attention, entertain them, and make them active followers/customers. To do this your stories need to have:

  • A beginning
  • A middle
  • An end

How can you do this? Simple! Create a storyboard. Now when we think of storyboards we think of those huge ones used in movies. You don’t need to think this big. In fact all you need is a sheet of paper and a pen. Think of what you want to post and break it up into different posts. By doing this – and by following our resolution of making it a routine – it means you will be posting out content on a regular basis. Below is an example of an early board I did (apologies for the writing).storyboard instagram

Why use storyboards? Again, simple! The 7 Ps – Prior Planning and Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance.


Think of this as you would a Retweet on Twitter. While Instagram doesn’t let you share directly to your followers there are tools out there that let you share others’ content. I recommend Repost which lets you share and add your own comments to the image (recognise the original author in the post). Why should you share other people’s images? The same reason you retweet:

  • You’re recognising the work of others
  • It opens engagement with related people in your fields of interest
  • It helps create an image of you as an expert in your field
  • You share content on other social networks so why not use it on Instagram

Why Regram? Increase your reputation and engage with others.

Use Tools

Now I know what you’re thinking, tools can be complex and take a long time to master. There are tools that can be complex to use however when it comes to Instagram the 3 main tools I use are:

Canva – This tool even has an Instagram feature that lets you tailor an image to its dimensions.

Powerpoint – Yes believe it or not Powerpoint can be really useful. Simply create a slide, add whatever content you want, take a screenshot and use it on Instagram.

Flipagram – This tool is great for videos on Instagram. It allows you to add text and effects and even music to Instagram and its well worth trying out.

Why use tools? To make sure the content you put up is good quality.

Test and Be Creative

That’s the great thing with Instagram, it’s so fun and creative to use. In terms of the 3 pillars of Instagram, the main tips I would give are:

Gallery – Create a series of videos in one evening. Do out a story and divide it into how many photos and videos will tell the story. Think of it like an episode and have a reason for each post. Adweek has some great tips when it comes to the content you put up.

Pictures – Test out filters and think outside the box. For example when people start following me I send them a simple thank you picture along with some text. I’ve only started but have gotten a good response rate.

Video – The fact you can pause videos means you can get really creative, below is an example of a video I did of Shane and Steve playing table tennis here in Nexus. All I used was my phone and Flipagram and I was able to create a video that got nice engagement.

Why test and be creative? Because you’ll never know until you try it out.

Show You

One thing I’ve noticed from testing recently is that people love seeing images of you and of behind the scenes at a business. This also stands for social media channels across the board. People love face to face content and it also creates that personal touch which can’t be replicated with a quote. The post below of me interviewing Shane is a great example as it shows behind the camera (literally). At the same time it helps you stand out from the crowd and let people put actual faces to your brand. I definitely recommend using this tactic and if you’re worried about being in front of a camera, it’s simple, take 10 or so pictures and create the best one.

5 Simple Instagram Tips, Now Its Time To Start

Instagram has evolved from that social network with nice pictures and filters to a medium through which people can find out everything they need to know in just a couple of swipes. All you have to do is scroll through and hey presto you’re up to date on serious news (e.g. BBC), sport (pick a team), and well basically anything you want to look up as unlike Facebook you get to see everything like Twitter. However, unlike Twitter it is so easy to digest. The lesson here for business is simple:

“If your audience is on Instagram then get on it!!”

Want to learn more? If you need help deciding what social networks are right for you, or how to make the most out of these networks, then contact social@bluechief.ie to get a personalised quote. Until next time its goodbye from me.

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