Instagram the Channel to be on in 2015

Instagram the Channel to be on in 2015

Few social media channels are as fun to use or as easy as Instagram. This network has really exploded in the last year or so and list year it overtook Twitter in terms of users. Now I know what you’re thinking “Great another social network to get my head around”. Well fear not we here at BlueChief Social have put together some helpful tips.



  • Have a mix of promotional and personal pictures
  • Test out hashtags
  • Post up videos as well as pictures
  • Save and use picture/videos for later
  • Follow clients, potential clients and influential people

Make the most of your Instagram experience

Have a nice mix of pictures that show all areas of the business

This means have a nice collection of not only pictures that promote your products and services but also behind the scenes pictures. Whether it’s someone’s birthday, a staff event or if you’re going to a networking event these pictures help to show the human side of the business and help people put faces to your brand.

 Test out Hashtags

We have all made the mistake (yours included) or going on a hashtag binge. However this really doesn’t work and these days can be seen as lazy marketing. The best thing to do from a business perspective is identify one or two hashtags you want associated with your brand and a few that are industry specific. Test them out and see what works best. By doing this you will find consistent hashtags that you can associate with and that people can use to find you easily. BlueChief Tip: Find hashtags and test them and keep on testing 

Mix it up with photos and videos

This is one of the strong points of Instagram. A good profile will have a healthy balance of pictures and videos to get maximum exposure. If you’re stuck for inspiration simply putting up a brief video of heading to an event or launching a new product can help generate buzz. Redbull are great at mixing up there posts. The great things as well is with the share buttons you can then use these on other social networks and integrate all your channels in pushing out content. BlueChief Tip: Instagram videos can work out better on Facebook than YouTube for the simple reason that Facebook own theme

Did you take a good picture/video but have poor signal?

This can happen often (especially if you’re on the road). If you took a great photo by accident but can’t upload it fear not. Simply save if it you your phone and upload it later. BlueChief Tip: You can use this tactic to edit a large collection of photos down to the few ones you want to use Delete or dont delete instagram oic

Who should I follow?

Here again Instagram can help you. It finds out who on Facebook is following you but you can also use your email contacts to help find people to follow. At the same time look for lists of people from your industry that are on Instagram and follow them. These people can give you great ideas about what to post up. At the same time don’t take things too serious you can also follow some celebrities as well. Just from my own experience UFC fighters (especially a certain Irish fighter) have recognised just how useful a tool Instagram is to connect with their fans. Many of these have been able to harness this tool to its full potential. BlueChief Tip: Take time when deciding what email account to use. Selecting the right one can give you access to existing as well as potential clients.

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Want to learn more about Instagram?

These are just some useful tips to help you get started on this interesting and exploding social network. If you have any questions please contact us. For all the latest updates on all things startup, social media and Instagram related make sure to follow us


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