Internet Killed the TV Store, The Rise of Live Video

Internet Killed the TV Store, The Rise of Live Video

Ok maybe that’s going a bit over the top but is the last bastion of traditional TV (live sports) migrating to  online Live Video? This time last year I would have said heck no!! Give me some solid examples. Well since then things have changed and one of the big drivers behind this is one thing:

Facebook Live

As they say when it comes to seeing what direction things are going look at the trends. 2016 has been the first year that I’ve seen solid examples that something is starting to happen. From multiple sports organisations to even local businesses more and more are harnessing live broadcasts.

Seriously who watches tv shows traditionally anymore!!

I’ll put my hand up in the 4 years I’ve lived in Limerick at no point in this time have I had a tv (gasp shock). I signed up for this service I had only heard of at the time, Netflix. You might have heard of this it was one of the biggest factors behind the fall of Blockbusters (and Xtravision). What Netflix started was watching your favourite shows when and where you want instead of when a network wants you to watch. Since then I’ve become a die-hard fan of Battlestar Galactica, Friday Night Lights and Firefly 3 shows I wouldn’t have been able to watch in traditional circumstances as they were on stations I didn’t have/watched.

This was just the beginning of the shift to watch in your own time TV. It was kind of starting even when I was in college 4 years ago. The image below perfectly describes my attitude to TV.


However until recently there was generally one reason why I would find somewhere to watch TV:

Live Sport

As these examples will show even that bastion is starting to show signs of wear and tear.

Wayne Rooneys Testimonial

During the summer it was announced that Wayne Rooney’s testimonial would be broadcast on his Facebook page. Now while it was only a friendly (and a crap 0-0 draw) I straightaway thought

“Hmm this is an interesting tactic”

There was a number of reasons why I thought this:

  • It shows that Facebook Live had matured to the level that aa big international sport was realising the potential.
  • The audience for such a game would be at minimum the number of people following the page, at best the number of people who would tune in on the back of others watching the game
  • You could identify an exact number how many people tuned in and through the Facebook analytics page you could mine down through this.

Irish Rugby show live coverage of the Women’s Autumn Internationals and AIL games 

Very often (actually most of the time) the Irish women’s rugby team and the AIL league don’t get much of the limelight. To counter this the IRFU have taken a really interesting approach by bringing these two directly to their Facebook fans through live coverage.

This is a great example of utilising Facebook as every person who likes the page will get a notification that the game is live. As well as this it enables detailed targeting as the people who like your page have an interest, hence they’re more likely to tune in.

live video

Other sports utilising online and Live Video (or nearly)

The NFL has signed a deal with Twitter that will have video updates as they happen during Sunday Night Games. No teams were allowed show footage but have come up with some ingenious ways to overcome this.

 While these are all sporting examples (so sue me) what they highlight is that more and more organisations are starting to recognise the potential in this new medium. Before you question this and say these organisations have the resources to do this it’s also happening in the GAA as well.

Live GAA Club Games

Over the last few years a huge number of people have emigrated from Ireland meaning the diaspora can now be found from the US to Australia to the Middle East. One thing that unites a lot of these is the GAA.

A business called Local Streaming has come up with a great service where clubs can live stream. What strength does this have over TV? Simple, no matter where you are in the world all you need to do is have a good internet connection and you can watch their game live. We’re in the era now that you need to make it as easy as possible for people to access video content.

It’s not just Sport using Live Video

Even while writing this there have been one or two local example of businesses utilising Facebook Live. Steamboat Records a local record store broadcast a live show by Declan O’Rourke and all that was required was a phone.


Live Video is only Starting Off, Get on Board!!

Where Meerkat started thing Facebook Live and Periscope have taken up the mantle. From sports teams showing live games to live gigs being broadcast more and more organisations are seeing the potential in and utilising Live Video online. Thinking of jumping on the band wagon? Why not contact us and see how we can help you out.

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