So who uses Data? And 2 Other Takeaways from LearnInbound

So who uses Data? And 2 Other Takeaways from LearnInbound

Last week I made the trip all the way up to Dublin for the LearnInbound event in the Academy (I stopped on the way for some food, so worth it!!!). When it comes to events it’s important to have goals whether it’s for networking, potential leads or what you can learn at the event. This event definitely fell under the learning category. From the top search engines in Ireland (go on take a guess), to developing personas there was some interesting takeaways from the talks. I also realised just how much data there is out there. 


So what’s the number 1 search engine in Ireland?

Yeah you guessed it Google is Number 1, but guess whats second (don’t scroll down to the chart!!).


In recent times I’ve adjusted my mantra of when in doubt Google it to:

“If you doubt find a video (YouTube it)”

You’re guaranteed to find a video out there for a question or issue you have. From a business perspective the question I have to ask is this:

So do you use your YouTube channel?

If you have a Gmail account for your business then you have a channel (it’s mandatory). As I highlighted in prior blogs when creating video (honestly stop wondering about using it and just start!!!) factor in both Facebook and YouTube. You have to be where your audience is.

But as Steven Kenwright highlighted what was interesting was that Bing is in 3rd place and not that far behind YouTube. While there’s been a million and one jokes made about by our generation not everyone is tech savvy. When these people go on a computer guess which browser they’re using, it’s not Google.

The mobile aspect should also be remembered for the simple reason that the Irish love their phones (next time you’re just walking around a crowd check out how many are on their phones). So what’s important for businesses to factor in?

Be withing the top 2 results on Google (45% of people click on these). Speed is everything, so make sure your site is as fast as possible on a phone. If you don’t have a mobile-friendly website for the love of god sort it out!!!

In short the two key takeaways are:

  • Don’t forget about Bing
  • Mobile, mobile, mobile!!!!

Want to find out more? Here are the slides.

Personas, if you use them for sales why not use them for content?

Dana DiTomaso discussed buyer personas and creating content around these. So if you’re in sales more than likely you have created personas for a good/medium/bad customer that you’re targeting. So why not use this to tailor the content you create online that’s relevant to them? Like it or not we’re in the storytelling era. Even when it comes to traditional advertising the ads that people look forward are the Christmas ones. Why? Because they tell a story!!

Too many businesses have the problem that yours truly in bitmoji form highlights.


So use your buyer personas to help create a story that resonates with your customers. A recent blog I did focusing on how students use social media came about as the result of hearing over and over again:

“Oh yeah I’m on Facebook and browse YouTube”

Why should you write content? Simple because more than likely no one else is. It’s a big problem in Ireland, therefore if you put time into creating this content more than likely you’ll start to rank pretty well for it. Wondering where to start well:

  • What are the questions customers ask you over and over. If there’s a trend answer them!!
  • Look down



Big Brother is watching you

Every heard someone say:

“I’ve no idea how my marketing is going online?”

Whenever I hear this all I say in response if one word, analytics. Where can you get these stats from? Well as Samantha Noble highlighted if you’re on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram then there’s in built analytics in these. Have a website? Google Analytics is a terrific tool to add to your website to see what works and what doesn’t. Do you want to know what’s the great thing with these as well:

They’re free!!

There is some great info out there to help you identify your audience and as a result develop your overall content strategy to strike a chord with them. Do you work on online ads as well? If you do this will give you more important primary data. Using all this data you can create buyer personas that identify:

  • Name
  • Goals
  • Demographics
  • Media & Device
  • Pain points

By having these you can create a story around them that will humanise them and as a result create content that resonates with them. Seeing a trend here. There really is a lot of data out there to help you target the right people in the right place at the right time. Now’s the time to utilise it. Granted at the same time this comes to mind. 

So what should you use from LearnInbound going forward?

With the field of marketing you’re alway learning something new, especially online. At the same time the foundation remain the same as they have for years. Going forward the key areas that you should focus on are:

  • Focusing on mobile
  • Align your content with your buyer personas
  • Use the free analytics that are available to you

Need help with where to start? Why not contact us. From strategy to campaigns to training we can help you start off on the right and utilise the right channels to target the right:

  • People
  • Place
  • Time