Doing a Live Stream, The 3 Tips to Make Max Use Of It

Doing a Live Stream, The 3 Tips to Make Max Use Of It

A few months back an app called Meerkat introduced people to Live Stream from your smartphone. Since then a domino effect has happened. Twitter, Facebook and YouTube have all jumped into the Live Streaming fray and one of the biggest predictions for 2016 has come to pass:

Live Streaming has become mainstream (glad we got that one right)

Many media sources and celebrities are now using Live Streaming to broadcast to fans directly on their Facebook page. But can this be used for business?

Funnily enough this is a frequent question that we get in our own #WeAreBlueChief Live Stream. In order to answer this question its important to look at Live Streaming in three key stages

  1. Pre-Live Stream
  2. During the Live Stream
  3. Post Live Stream

The layout for executing a good live stream is similar to that of an event.


Pre Live Stream – Remember the 3 Ps

If you’re thinking of doing a Live Stream or have been inspired to do so by watching another stream a lot of work needs to be done before you hit the broadcast button. The best thing to do is think of its like you would planning and executing and an event. Its crucial to remember the 3Ps


This where everything starts. It is crucial to determine what you’re going to talk about, there is no such thing as too much research. Check out the latest news and learn as much as you can on the topic. Remember a Live Stream is also a great way to show yourself as a knowledge leader. Another important question is when are you going to broadcast (BlueChief tip have a fixed time when you’ll be live).  Another important factor to consider is where you’ll host it. For a regular Live Steam have a consistent theme. Remember you want to put your best foot forward.

Finally it’s important to nail down why you’re doing a Live Stream. Have a goal for your broadcast and build the rest around this. Don’t just sell to your audience (that era is over!!) provide people with value whether it’s a how-to guide or discussing a topic in your industry.


To get eyeballs to watch your Live Stream you need to let them know its actually happening. One useful tactic is to create a list of influencers you engage with regularly who will help spread the word. As your Live Stream develops you can add regular viewers to this list and as a result broaden your network. Cross-platform promotion is also important. Let it be known on all your channels where and when you’ll be live. Think of the promotion of this like you would any blog you create.

Practice, practice oh and practice!!!

More people are afraid of public speaking than dying and Live Streaming is another form of speaking to an audience. If you’re nervous of speaking in front of people then practice, practice and practice some more. Doing so will help build your confidence (like in a presentation) and as a result you will come across better once you go live. When it comes to practice here are some of our does and donts.

live stream


And We’re Live!!

You have put the time into getting ready and now its the main event. When it comes to the Live Stream itself there are a couple of important things to do

Have Social Listening Tools in place. Live streaming is about a 2 way conversation. Whether it’s through the Facebook comments section or having Tweetdeck open and engaging with people who use the hashtag make sure you can reply to people either in spoken word or text. I would have have listening tools in place to help answer questions your audience may have. No matter how well you prepare there will be a question that you need help with.

Use a white board

For many of our live streams you will often see this behind our camera. We plan out the key topics that will be discussed so that we stay on point. If however things veer off and the discussion is about something else then no problem, it’s important like in a presentation not to stick to a script (this is the biggest mistake you can make when doing a live stream). Do your research and roll with the punches which leads me onto point 3.

Don’t panic

Now I know what you’re thinking “Thanks now I’m panicking even more!!!”. Don’t worry if you have put the time and effort into the live stream and you’re discussing a topic you feel comfortable with you’ll be able to handle any issues. The number one problem we have had is the Wi-Fi connect cut. What did we do? We learned from this and made sure the location we chose has a solid connection. Panic over.


Post live stream

You’ve done it, the live stream is done and dusted and now you don’t have to do anything else right? Wrong!! Now is the time you follow up with people who engaged with you during the live stream, thank them for doing so and if they have any other questions or issues then answer them. This is also the time to cannibalise your content. Listen back to the live stream pick out the key points and then write a blog about it. Its also useful to convert the key takeaways to image form. Think of it this way. You have a terrific amount of content so why not make max use of it.


Want to learn more?

So there you have it. As you can see a livestream isn’t so simple and straightforward. Then again if it was everyone would be doing it. From pre-event planning, promotion and practice to the show itself to making max use of the cotnent afterwards these steps will help you make max use of this great tool and build up an audience. Trust me this is the ideal time to get on the likes of Facebook Live and build up and audience of interested people. If you have any questions or want to know how we can help you check out our services page. You can also tune into our weekly #WeAreBlueChief program on Facebook for all the latest social media news. Make sure to tune in!!!