What I learned about Marketing from Schindlers List and Django Unchained

What I learned about Marketing from Schindlers List and Django Unchained

This is, without doubt, one of the most random blog posts I’ve ever written but two sentences from 2 movies perfectly described what marketing is like in the 21st century, and what businesses need to wake up to. Mindset is a challenging thing to change but through these 2 examples, I think they’ll help businesses to realise that the old way of selling to people doesn’t work anymore.

Schindlers List – The Presentation

Random I know but there’s one line that Oskar Schindler says to Izthak Stern early in the movie:

The presentation was crucial back then and it’s as important now. What does this mean these days? Simple, you need to work on the image you present to your audience. There could be a hundred businesses doing the exact same thing you do and they could all be on social media putting up posts about “check out this” or “buy that”. There’s nothing to differentiate them from the competition.

So what can you do? Honestly, it can be as simple as showing your audience and potential customers the people behind the business. Humans buy from humans so if they can put a face to your business then this is a good step in helping with your presentation.

Oh, and it’s also supported by stats. I’ve gone through the pages of multiple brands online and in terms of engagement, it’s pictures and videos of the people in the business that work. As I highlighted in an earlier blog there’s huge room for improvement, which means small changes can make a big difference.

So be human online. Everyone can post info promoting their products and services, the problem is people can get bored with this. While it should form the core of what you do online it’s what else you craft around this which can help you stand out from the crowd and create the presentation our business deserves.

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Django Unchained – The First Two Pillars of Marketing

Again another random movie but one scene and one line, in particular, stood out.

While you might wonder “What’s this got to do with marketing” it’s got everything to do with it, in particular, the first two pillars of the four points of dynamic social media:

  • Awareness
  • Engagement
  • Loyalty
  • Conversion

Too many businesses have their goals the other way around. But if people aren’t aware of or engaging with you then how are they going to buy from you? Through using the right tactics you’ll first get the curiosity (awareness) of people then get their attention (engagement).

But what tactics should you use? Fear not we have some useful tips for the various networks:

  • Facebook – Video content, think I’m wrong? Scroll through your newsfeed and see how dominant video is. It’s the format people consume content through the most so start using it.
  • Twitter – Build a list, engage with the audience like a human and start building relationships
  • Instagram – Turn notifications on, share their content and engage with them on a regular basis
  • LinkedIn – The content you share plays a key role so make sure what you post is of good quality and helps develop your image as a thought leader

These are just some of the tactics you can use. Want to learn more?

Marketing is about the presentation you create, it’s also about getting people’s attention

Both these movie scenes highlighted to me the importance of these two key areas and how very often businesses can overlook the presentation of their business online. By creating the right presentation you can get people’s curiosity and then their attention. This, in turn, builds relationships and helps you achieve your goals (improving the bottom line). The sooner businesses realise this and work on these key areas the sooner they’ll notice improvements in their online efforts.

If you need help creating the right presentation and then properly executing this contact us, we’ll do an audit of your online brand and work out where to go from there.


Side note: These movies deal with some pretty serious subjects. If you have an issue with me using them as examples of marketing know this, Schindlers List is one of the greatest movies ever made. The last scene at Oskar Schindlers grave is one of the most powerful in cinematic history and a tribute to the people who perished in the Shoah. Django Unchained also dealt with a very heavy subject as only Quentin Tarantino can and caused controversy. These were my observations and showed at the strangest of times ideas can hit you.

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