Meerkat to Android – Watch this space!!!

Meerkat to Android – Watch this space!!!

It wasn’t too long ago that Meerkat (the live streaming app not the animal) was first heard of and a term that had not been heard of became possibly THE big trend of 2015 (so far)

Live Streaming

Interest exploded and before we knew it another app called Periscope appeared. You realise a new app is big when a certain person decides to do a live stream of people getting pizza (thank you @ShaneBlueChief!!!).

Articles began to appear left right and centre about both tools and how they could be used for businesses. There was just one slight problem with both apps that affected nearly 85% of mobile users

It wasn’t on Android!!!

This meant that a lot of people we’re left in the dark and had to wait for an android app to be released (see picture below).

waiting for meerkat

Finally on May 1st a beta version was released on Android. I’m going to chronicle my journey through using Meerkat from downloading the app.

Initial reaction to Meerkat

My initial reaction to Meerkat is that it is very very interesting. The best way to describe the homepage of Meerkat is being able to watch live events from around the world all on one page. From listening to the chairman of the FCC to to the CEO of Meerkat Ben Rubin at a tech crunch summit in New York to watching pizzas and meals being made in a restaurant in Sweeden (I’m not kidding) you can watch some of the hottest trends in the tech world as they happen as well as other topics.

All you need is your phone

There really isn’t a better time to start using your phone to send out valuable information to friends, customers and your audience in real time. If people have questions or any issues you can answer them as they come in on your stream. At the same time you can reach out to others, watch their streams and learn from them but also connect with others.

The power of using multiple platforms

When using social media it is vital that you don’t put all your eggs in one basket. It is important to be active on different platforms as each allows you to target and interact with different people. At the same time you can also use them to promote offers, deals and blog posts you might be doing. Now you can include livestreams in this. As part of using Meerkat and I would say this about any kind of information you create online you should get it out through as many channels as possible. The more channels you push it through the more people will see it.

These are just some my initial findings from downloading this app. Stay tuned to see how my journey towards a live stream goes. Its going to be interesting, probably infuriating but also an experience as well. Follow me on Twitter for all the latest news.

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