MNCs on Social Media, You’ve No Excuse

MNCs on Social Media, You’ve No Excuse

I have to take my hat off to SME owners. They need to have multiple hats on their head, multi-task and look after their business both offline and online. Ditto startup owners (think juggler with something new added every 30 seconds).

However when I see these and then look at the social media presence of many MNCs I have to wonder what they’re doing?  


Where there could have hundreds if not thousands of employees how can they not have someone looking after their online presence? Resources isn’t an issue for them (oh to have access to their budgets). Is it the structures in place? Are they too rigid to change? Are they stuck in mad men era marketing where no one looks at billboards? How about customer service? These are some of the questions I filtered down, at the same time they’re also ones I answered and believe we can help MNCs answer.


Resources aren’t the issue for MNCs, so what is?

The silo effect. It’s the us and them issue:

  • We do this
  • They do that
  • We don’t interact

The scale of MNCs has a big part to play in this. Not only that but the bureaucracy of these businesses also plays a part. So how do we overcome this? One thing MNCs have is highly skilled people, so why not use these in a team. Combine sales + marketing + front line and obtain crucial feedback on that essential area, content.

MNCs have the resources to create content, what’s important is creating content people want to consume. The thing is as highlighted in episode 177 of This Old Marketing they have the resources to go media quality. Think I’m wrong just look at John Deere. Oh and if the excuse of that’s too much is brought up Facebook Live + a decent setting can be free. So stop looking for excuses. Need help with determining content + your strategy?


Never mind welcome to 2017 welcome to the 21st century.

When I commute to work I take a quick look around and see how many people are on their phones. As a rule of thumb, it’s 3 in 4. What does this mean? Well if you’ve spent money on a big fancy billboard 75% aren’t looking at it. Their attention is on their phones. Of these, I’ll say that half are on Facebook and the rest on one of the other three. Moral of the story? Be where the eyes are.

Advertising on tv? Nevermind me my dad zones out of ads and he’s part of a generation that was the first ones targeted with TV ads. If he doesn’t tune in who does?!?!?!?

Marketing online has one or two strengths over advertising offline:

  • Exact numbers
  • Measure ROI

Stats were recently released saying tv consumption hasn’t really changed much in Ireland, which is utter crap.

It’s changing so keep up with the times.

Need help when it comes to channels and content to utilise?

MNCs and Customer service

Presence is important but so is communication. It is called SOCIAL media. Good customer service wins you the potential of repeat business. Bad customer service can win you ridicule. The image below is one of the classic facepalm moments.


MNCs have the resources behind them to turn social media into a powerful customer service tool. 72% of customers expect a response to their issue within an hour yet very often it’s a case of “Yeah good luck getting any response!!”. While some are very good and have dedicated customer service teams (Virgin Media) there are others who you get the feeling sending a carrier pigeon would be better.

MNCs have the resources to harness the likes of Twitter as a powerful customer tool and when done right (speak to people like a human) you can add personality and hence another bow to your string. All it takes is having a dedicated team to answer replies. Wendys recently go involved in a Twitter storm of the right kind as highlighted below.

Through using humour and having a personality they have hit the news for the right reasons and it has snowballed since then. This isn’t the first time Wendys has stood out for their customer service being top notch.

Not sure where to start with your customer service? We might be able to help.

MNCs on Social Media, Recognise the unique opportunity

Very often MNCs are viewed as faceless corporations who are far far away and are difficult to contact. Social media helps overcome this at the click of a button. From utilising their resources to the people in various departments to showing people the human side of the business through customer service social media has created for MNCs a unique opportunity to connect with customers directly.

Yet so many don’t/won’t recognise this. Trust me as I highlighted in an earlier blog I’ve done the research on their existing social media presence, and it’s not good. Of all businesses, MNCs have no excuse not to be good at harnessing social media for the benefit of their business.

If you’re in an MNC who has just realised “We need to do something ASAP” we can help you. Contact us and we will do an audit of your existing social media presence and how it can be improved.