Multinational Companies

Most multinationals walk, talk, and act the same on social media. Their brand is different but this is not communicated effectively through their marketing efforts.

We build brand equity and sentiment with your audience.



Social Media Account Management


We manage the social media accounts of global multinational brands. We understand their brand and their objectives. We design, personality and process driven social media infrastructure that generates results.


Outsource your account management to us, and we’ll build engagement for your brand online »



Social Media Strategies


We create social media strategies that bring your brand on social media to the level it needs to be. Our strategies build brand awareness and drive engagement for MNCs online. You have to be where your audience is!


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Social Media Campaigns


We love creating and implementing social media campaigns; it is a major challenge and one we thrive on. Building brand sentiment is key on social media and our campaigns get results.


We build campaigns based on the behaviour of your audience
and these campaigns will always be different to that of your competitors »