Podcasting, from the Future to my Top 3 Listen to Shows

Podcasting, from the Future to my Top 3 Listen to Shows

I’ll put my hand up I’m a big fan of podcasting, it’s something I’ve gotten into in the last year or so. Why did I first start listening to them? Simple:

  • The environment I work in
  • It doesn’t interrupt anyone else
  • It’s easy for me to digest (hmmmm might go for a sandwich)
  • There are so many podcasts to listen to out there

The thing is I’m not alone and there has been some recent developments that will only help to make podcasting more relevant not only listeners but also media/businesses.

The Stats Don’t Lie

The chart below shows the numbers listening to podcasts is on the increase as is the number of shows, as they say variety is the spice of life. If you have a decent WiFi connection then the chances are you’ll have access to a plethora of shows that are relevant no matter your interests.


While the variety of shows at the moment is pretty mind boggling 2 recent development have shown that audio is going to be one an  interesting area to look out for in 2017.

Facebook Live Audio

It’s the case at the moment that if Facebook see a good idea and adapt it then it makes them a big player in the market instantly. Facebook have recently announced the introduction of Facebook Live Audio where all that’s recorded is the audio feed and not the video (sigh of relief for anyone who dreads being in front of a camera). Now there are a couple of reasons why this is interesting:

  • It’s going to get the algorithm boost that video has experienced (yay from an organic standpoint)
  • It will open up a potential audience of a billion plus people, ON ONE PLATFORM. One of the issues with podcasting at the moment is that it can be very fragmented. For example I listen to podcasts on platforms ranging from Soundcloud to PlayerFM to TuneIn Radio to YouTube to the actual website of the podcast itself. As you can see there’s a lot. If the podcasts can be found on one platform than people are going to use this. Simplicity and answering people’s needs as soon as possible is what’s important.
  • Businesses with a Facebook page will now have access to doing their own podcasts – Prior to this businesses would have worried about the time and equipment needed to record a podcast, upload it and promote it. Now they can do all this on Facebook.

Put simply Facebook have spotted a trend and are doing the same thing as they did with SnapChat:

“You know what that’s not a bad idea, I think we’ll use it as well”

Another interesting thing has happened recently that though under the radar points to a big change/opportunity

Norway turns off FM radio

Recently Norway turned off FM radio (to the annoyance of many) and has switched to digital radio. Now it’s only early but you could see this becoming a trend where more and more will switch off FM and go for Digital Radio instead.

Think I’m not making sense? Ask yourself about teletext. This used to be a key way people found out info (I spent most Saturdays checking it for all the latest football scores). Now it doesn’t exist and a big part of this is the switch to digital.


If this is the start then what does this entail for traditional radio? As the tweet below from Colette Sexton highlights a lot of work needs to be done on their behalf.

Even already I’m a big fan of listening to shows through the podcast format on their website (Off the Ball is the best sports show going). I can see this gathering pace as the Netflix phenomenon happens (listening when we want).

This opens up some interesting ideas for businesses. If their audience and potential customers consume podcasts and if this trend is growing thEn why not do a podcast yourself. Internet radio has been around a while and the podcasting side looks set to increase as well. So get on board.

What podcast shows do I listen to?

I’m not going to lie I listen to a lot of shows. From shows focusing on Marketing to Rugby to MMA to History there are a huge amount to choose from. So for your benefit here are the top 3 shows that I tune into weekly.

This Old Marketing

This show is a must listen to for content marketers. It’s hosted by Robert Rose and Joe Pulizzi (one of the godfathers of content marketing). The shows goes through all the latest news in the world of content marketing and social media and there are some great practical insights that businesses can take away.

They’re also not shy about going on a rant or a rave, in fact it’s a segment in the show. Even at the start there is a little segment harking back to the nostalgic days of marketing in 50s and 60s which is spun so that it gives you a quick lesson for businesses. 

Gary Vaynerchuks YouTube Channel

Ok I’ll admit it I’ve been converted. A lot of what Gary Vaynerchuk says gives you some crucial insights into the direction that marketing is taking (cough cough Instagram Stories at the moment, this time last year it was SnapChat). The handy thing is the videos can be consumed just by listening to it. While there are certain stages where it can be a little overbearing (don’t tell him I said that) there are some terrific insights and actionable takeaways for businesses to use. So head on over his YouTube channel and give it a listen. He’s started to push the GaryVee Audio Experience pretty heavily as well (hint hint!!!).

The Big Interview with Graham Hunter

Now I’m a big fan of sport and I listen to a good few of them. Of the shows out there at the moment I love listening to The Big Interview. Journalist and author Graham Hunter sits down and interviews some of the big names in football from the past 50 years. What I love about the show is that it talks about not only the game in detail but it also talks about the personalities and terrific behind the scenes details that give you a real insight into the speaker but also some of the greatest teams there has been.

While you might be wondering “How is this relevant for me?!?” there are common threads to managing/leading a team in business as well as in sport. This interview with Paul Clements (who was a coach of the Real Madrid team that won the Champions League in 2014) is a fantastic insight into how a team is prepared for the biggest game on earth and how the coaches balance tactics, delegation and egos.

I’d also recommend Phil Nevilles interview for the simple reason that he shows how much hard work can achieve.

Are you tuned into podcasting?

Podcasting is something that’s been around a while. While it has been growing when you see Facebook doing something you know it’s a big deal. It also highlights that if they’re starting this now is the time to jump on this as being in at the start gives you a great chance to build an audience. Need help with your online brand? Why not check out what we can do for you.