Snapchat: 5 Top Tips to Make The Most of Your Experience

Snapchat: 5 Top Tips to Make The Most of Your Experience

Christmas 2015 was a big one for me. Why? Well the main reason was that I got a brand new phone. Now, while my old phone was useful and helped me keep up to date with my social media, it simply wasn’t fast enough for the number one network I wanted to start using, Snapchat. Once I got my new phone I was liberated. I threw myself into using Snapchat and realised why so many people were talking about this as being the go to network in 2016. From the feedback I’ve received and from my experience so far, to make the most of this network where there are 100 million daily active users it’s crucial to:

  • Use a storyboard
  • Create, Engage and Get Out There
  • Cross Platform Promotion
  • Use GhostCodes
  • The 3 Fs

Following these 5 tips will help you make the most out of this fast growing and developing network.


Snapchat Storyboard – Think of it like a TV episode

Snapchat’s Story is one of the most interesting features in social media! Put simply, it allows you to create pictures and videos and link these one after the other so that you can create a story. The catch is that it will last for only 24 hours. Now when I first heard about the 24 hours limit I thought:

“The heck? Who will use this if you are losing all that content that you create?”

However after using it I can say it’s a terrific feature and is a fantastic way to work on your storytelling skills. The best way to make use of it is to think of each day as a story

  • What’s the theme?
  • What story are you trying to tell?
  • What content are you creating?

By doing this it breaks down the story into manageable areas that you can work on and then join up. I would even create a storyboard (this could simply be a page in a notebook). Work on and edit what you want to put up and once finalised start to create it.


Create, Engage and Get Out There

Snapchatters can be broken into 2 categories:

  1. Randomers – Who put up snaps that have nothing to do with each other
  2. Storytellers – Who create a story through their snaps

From a business perspective you want to be a storyteller! This will help you not only get followers but also get people to look at your story on a regular basis as well.

Create a story, break it into various sections and then start snapping. However, this only plays a part in your overall activity on Snapchat. Like other networks, such as Twitter, if you’re only sending tweets out and not engaging with people then you’re gonna have a bad time. Follow related accounts, check out their stories and start engaging with them. Whether it’s customers or influencers… reach out to them. Snapchat is more raw than other networks in that people will record it there and then so it’s more personal. You’ll find out a day in the life of Snappers you follow as well as their interests. This can be the gateway to developing a relationship with them that can evolve from a simple Snap.

Cross Platform Promotion

Now one of the things that you will realise (at the moment) when you go on Snapchat is that there is no simple way to start following people the way you can on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. To begin with I was a little at a loss. How are you supposed to find other people? One of the things that you have to realise quickly is that with Snapchat you have to promote is across other networks.

In terms of Cross Platform Promotion your Snapchat ID should form the centre of your efforts. Utilise your existing networks to help engage with people you know already. From here check out their stories as very often they will be also spreading the word about other Snapchatters. It really is one of the best examples of word of mouth. That’s why when it comes to Snapchat I use the chart below to help spread the word about my profile.


The great thing with this chart is that you can swap your website/blog with Snapchat and do the same thing.

I was also very lucky that at the beginning I started follow a top Snapchatter, Carlos Gil. With Snapchat, think outside the box and find ways to follow people but also be followed as well.

Want to find people? Check out GhostCodes

Up until recently the biggest issue with SnapChat was simple, trying to find other people. Unless you had their exact Snap Code the search would come up blank. GhostCodes has answered this big issues. With this app you add your SnapChat profile and the category you want to fall under. Once you have done this you can explore the categories and find people you want to connect with. The categories include:

  • Marketing
  • Brands
  • Business
  • News
  • Vlogger

You can see the variety there is and this is just 5 of 40. So if you want to find people outside your direct network get on GhostCodes.


The 3 Fs: Filters, Fun and Fantasy (Imagination)

Snapchat filters are some of the most entertaining features in social media. Just look at the image of yours truly below. While Instagram has filters as well, the interactive filters that Snapchat use are one of its biggest strengths. These filters can change on a daily basis so as a result you can change around and add something new to your stories regularly as well. Snapchat also has geofilters that allows you to add a filter according to where you are in the country. Recently this has come into sharper focus as Snapchat has now opened these up to users. As a result you can create your own geofilters which is terrific if you have a physical premises or are running an event. UL Charity (Rag) Week created one that can be used on the campus this week. This is a great way to get users to spread the word. All they need to do is take a photo swipe to that filter and then their audience will see this. Filters are a terrific feature to use.


The interactive features bring me onto the next point, fun!!! Snapchat is about showing the personal and fun side of your business. Whether this is videos from behind the scenes or a funny filter, these can help create a fun side to your brand. At the end of the day some of the best Snappers utilise humour to help create a connection with their audience, as a result people will have a sense of excitement when you Snap new stories.

Finally, fantasy (I had to use this as there is no other word for imagination starting with an F). Snapchat’s 24-hour window gives you a terrific opportunity to just try things out. Test to see if it works, and if it does, then great you can use it in future. If it doesn’t, then so what? It will be gone in 24 hours. That’s why it’s important to be creative but also analytical as well. Check the stats for:

  • Initial views
  • Final views
  • Screenshots taken of Snaps
  • Do people chat with you

As with all other networks, plan out what you’re going to do, analyse it and see how things work out.


Not on Snapchat yet?

Snapchat has arrived big time! Where as before it was a network for teenagers and Gen Z it is now a buzz network for businesses and some of the most influential leaders in marketing. If you’re new to Snapchat or are looking to start on Snapchat be sure to check out BlueChief on Snapchat. You can also check out our social media services to see what we can do for you.








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