Snapchat is its Star Fading? Yes, yes it is

Snapchat is its Star Fading? Yes, yes it is

Happy New Year everyone.  Im going to start off 2017 with a short, sharp and sweet blog about something that struck me just after getting back from the Christmas holidays. Now I didn’t do too much social media over Christmas (I needed a timeout from it) so I hadn’t been on SnapChat for a week or two (so sue me). When I went on SnapChat and went through a couple of the stories two things struck me:

  • Boy these stories are getting shorter
  • A lot of this content isn’t original content

This tells me that more and more users aren’t spending as much time and effort on SnapChat.

So what’s happened? This time last year SnapChat was THE network to look out for and for the first few months of the year this was definitely the case. It was the channel people were focusing on in terms of creating content and cross-platform promotion (there are still Twitter and Facebook profiles that are SnapChat avatars.

Enter Facebook

Soon enough though Facebook recognised the threat of SnapChat to it’s position. “New” features were introduced that sounded very similar to what SnapChat was doing already. SnapChat is now being assaulted on two fronts:

Front A Instagram

This network has changed a lot in the last year. Gone are the days of seeing everything on your newsfeed (which I kind of liked). The biggest thing though was Instagram Stories, while imitation is the best form of flattery this isn’t the case when one of your biggest competitors does it.

stencil.default (3)

I previously wrote a blog about how the new feature fares compared to SnapChat. At the time I scored it out as a draw, since then things have changed and this was perfectly illustrated when I went back on SnapChat recently. The balance of created content is starting to level out between the two networks as more and more people are starting to use Instagram Stories and spend less time on SnapChat. Add Instagrams newsfeed to this + advertising (an area that SnapChat really needs to work on) and Instagram is now a real threat to SnapChat

Front B Messenger

What benefit is there to owning several networks? You can test out different features on each network. Facebook has looked at Messenger and basically decided to do SnapChat 2.0. From drawing to text to various filters (similar to Bitmoji on SnapChat) all these can be added to your Messenger post. If anything Facebook has looked at the features SnapChat and gone:

“You know what that’s not a bad idea, I think we’ll use it as well”

Where Facebook has a huge advantage is numbers. Having a billion plus people on your network means anything you do makes you a huge threat.


What the BlueChief Social Office thinks about SnapChats Situation

Is this just my opinion? Well no here’s what two of the team members had to say


Paul Reardon COO

Whats your opinion of how SnapChat is doing at the moment. Is Instagram a real threat to them?

Oh hell yeah. In the last 3 weeks I’ve noticed an exodus of top influencers switching over to Instagram. If there isn’t a fresh update to Snapchat soon it will certainly continue to decline, but it won’t kill them.


shane snapchat code

Shane McCarthy CEO

Whats your opinion of how SnapChat is doing at the moment. Is Instagram a real threat to them?

Yeah it is hugely, stories are taking away engagement from Snapchat. The chart below from shows just how big an impact Instagram has had on SnapChat



With SnapChat always remember though

While it’s star has waned it’s important to remember one thing:

Where’s your audience?

37% of users on SnapChat are between 18 and 24 so the question you have to ask yourself is:

“If my customers are on this network than surely it makes sense for me to be on that channel as well.”

Always, always take this into account as it’s crucial to be on the channels where your customers and potential customers are.


So what next for SnapChat?

At the start of 2016 SnapChat was THE channel to get on. Since then Facebook has started to take its threat really serious. Between Instagram and Messenger they have looked at what has worked for SnapChat and adapted it to their network. It’s started to have an impact on the time people spend on the network. Instagram has recently reached 600 million users showing that this approach has definitely worked.

There has been a lot of talk about SnapChats IPO. What’s important for them going forward is to not fall into the same scenario as Twitter where they tried to be everything to everyone. It’s going to be an interesting time and it could a great example of innovate or die.

Watch This Space