Social Media 2015 Mid-Term Report

Social Media 2015 Mid-Term Report

With it being half way through 2015 and the summer in Ireland going as you would expect it (all four seasons in one day) I figured it was time to take a look at the social media landscape at the mid-point of the year. Using SEMrush for a global perspective I looked at things from a purely numbers point of view.

I used Yippy Cloud Creator to look at the keywords associated with each site and used these to see what they say about peoples attitudes to each network.

The key findings are:

  • Social Media can be divided into 3 categories from a numbers point of view
  • Images are essential to use in your social media campaigns
  • The Twitter search bar is a crucial tool to use
  • If you’re on YouTube setting up a channel is crucial


Key findings for the US using SEMrush (in Millions)

Social 2015

As you can see the numbers involved on a monthly basis are pretty staggering. In a nutshell the key take away from this is that social media channels can by divided into three categories

Category 1 Facebook and YouTube – These two are the biggest numbers wise, numbers play a big part in social media and in order to reach the biggest audience having a presence on both these networks would be advised.

Category 2 Twitter – This was an interesting finding and shows that Twitter has a long way to go to make it to tier 1. While it may not have the numbers of the big 2 where it does make up for this is in the volume of content that goes out everyday. The keyword findings further down emphasise the importance of being on this network from a data mining point of view.

Category 3 LinkedIn Pinterest and Instagram – These three all lag behind the others from a pure numbers perspective.

Keywords for Social Networks Using Yippy Cloud Creator



Key findings for each network

Facebook – Pictures speak a thousand words. As highlighted before pictures are vital to use in your social media efforts. Its interesting how games have also become a keyword as this shows that Facebook is moving to gamification. People want to be entertained when they go online and Facebook is evolving to cater for games as well. The most famous examples include Farmville and of course Candy Crush. The fact privacy is also a keyword highlights people are more conscious of who has access to their information.

BlueChief Tip: Have images as a core part of your Facebook campaign and be careful what you post up.

Twitter – The Twitter search bar is a key tool to use in order to make the most of this network. As I have said before this is a terrific tool to make the most of this network. The fact that popular is a keyword tells me that more and more people are using Twitter to find out the latest news. (Quick tip make your Hashtags specific to Ireland and you can see what’s the big news stories throughout the day.

BlueChief Tip: Utilise the Twitter search bar to mine through the mountain of content thats put out daily.

YouTube – Set up a channel for your business. The fact that TV and channel are two keywords highlights that more and more people are moving away from traditional media and towards watch when you want content. With the rise of Periscope and Meerkat this gives businesses an opportunity to not only live stream events they are out but to convert these to YouTube and populate your channel. With the increased quality of camera phone there has never been an easier time to create your own video content. It will be interesting to see how Facebooks auto-play video feature will impact YouTube.

BlueChief Tip: Set up a YouTube channel and integrate this into your marketing strategy.

LinkedIn – For job seekers its a great network, for everyone make sure your profile is all star. In previous blogs and at workshops I have highlighted to people the importance of LinkedIn to your career. Using LinkedIn the right way can help you stand out from the crowd and improve your career prospects. At the same time its important that you have your LinkedIn profile fully complete. Go through it and see what you can add to make it more complete.

BlueChief Tip: Become a LinkedIn All-Star

Pinterest – It’s important to be social. Interestingly there were the only keywords that featured. It highlights the importance of being social on this network and being interactive with other pinners. Place being a keyword tells me that for businesses with a physical store Pinterest can be a great tool to help get word out about your products/services virtually

BlueChief Tip: Create a board showing the products and services and engage with others

Snapchat – Early days for the new kid on the block. Its interesting to see the keywords for Snapchat as it shows that people are still learning about the key features of this tool. It is also clear that businesses are still wondering to see if it viable to use for their marketing. With regards Snapchat our tip would to research and test the tool out to see if it is worthwhile for your business. The new nature of the network means that whether it is good for business is still a work in progress.

BlueChief Tip: Research and test to see if it is a viable network to use.

Instagram – A news source. While it is relatively new it is interesting how Instagram is becoming a source for news and content. The fact that it is heavily image and video based makes it quicker for people to process than say the mountain of info you see on Twitter. With regards business I would add Instagram to my social media arsenal to find image based content that stands out. Depending on what industry you’re in if you sell a physical product then Instagram can be a great tool to help promote and sell your products. At the same time services businesses should also utilise Instagram to help show behind the scenes in the business. It’s what we do with our Instagram profile

Instagram feed

BlueChief Tip: Use Instagram to find eye-catching content but also to show your products in the best light.


What this means for businesses using social media

When it comes to social media there can be a lot to take in. From a numbers point of view you can see there are three clear categories to choose from. The keywords associated with each network show that each has a unique image, as a result businesses should use each network in a distinct way so that they are harnessed to there strengths. Whether its through setting up a channel on YouTube or using Instagram to show the best side of your business there is no one size fits all solution when it comes to harnessing social media for your business. If you have any questions or want to find out how BlueChief Social can help your business then please check out our services page.

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