Social Media Cheat Sheet 2016

Social Media Cheat Sheet 2016

I know it’s like nearly September of 2016…and I’m only just blogging a Social Media Cheat Sheet 2016…and it’s like more than half way through the year… Don’t worry I haven’t being secretly waiting in a coma ready to pounce on Channing Tatum when he pops up to say he’s my husband……(that’s a reference to a film I’ve never seen… I’m not a stalker just yet) … But honestly nothing has pretty much changed size wise since my last blog.. (well apart from Google+ a little bit…but who uses that right..?!) 😉

All my old measurements in my previous ‘Social Media Cheat Sheet 2015’ can still work and look good… but I thought shhhhh……itzu. People might think these are super old and outdated cos it says 2015..? (they’re not…but you know some ‘people’…. Like, the ones that won’t eat food that says best before bla, di, blah…even tho it is in fact perfectly alright……best before… not expiry……………….numbnuts) But anyway enough about me eating ‘vintage’ food and savaging the cheap-ey shelf of Tesco like a biblical locust. Below is a cheat sheet of 2016 social media sizes….

1. Facebook Social Media Cheat Sheet 2016

Facebook Social Media Measurements

Facebook Cover Image: 828px x 315px

Facebook Profile Image: 180px x 180px ….Personally I go for 200px x 200px

***BONUS……. The dreaded Facebook Sponsored Ads…. (that HAVE to be 20% text or less… but obviously people like to write a thesis on a stamp and ask for 90% text.?!)

You should do these ads 1200px x 628px and also check you’re image text is within the percentage guidelines with this very handy, sanity saving, awesome tool..!


2. Twitter Social Media Cheat Sheet 2016

Twitter Social Media Cheat Sheet 2016

Twitter Cover Image: 1500px x 500px

Twitter Profile Image: 400px x 400px

Twitter Post Size: 1024px x 512px


3. LinkedIn Social Media Cheat Sheet 2016

LinkedIn Social Media Cheat Sheet 2016

LinkedIn Cover Image: 646px x 220px

LinkedIn Profile Image: 400px x 400px

***BONUS….for all you privileged, posh, premium people… 😉

LinkedIn Premium Social Media Cheat Sheet 2016

LinkedIn Premium Cover Image: 1400px x 425px

LinkedIn Premium Profile Image: 200px x 200px


4. Youtube Social Media Cheat Sheet 2016

Youtube Social Media Cheat Sheet 2016

Youtube Cover Image: 2560px x 1440px

Youtube Profile Image: 800px x 800px

Youtube Video Size: 1280px x 720px


5. Google+……………………………tumbleweed

Google+ Social Media Cheat Sheet 2016

Google+ Cover Image: 1080px x 608px

Google+ Profile Image: 250px x 250px



Instagram Uploaded Image: 1080px x 1080px

Instagram Profile Image: 150px x 150px


Pinterest Profile Image: 280px x 280px


Tumbler Cover Image: 1280px x 1920px

Tumbler Profile Image: 64px x 64px


So there we go, I think I have covered pretty much all of the social media sizes for 2016….well for the platforms that most people use anyway. Hope I’ve helped and saved you sometime from Googling and finding all of them yourself…… I know…… I did all the work for you….you’re welcome… I know… I’m too kind… 😉

Oh, and If you’d also like me to save you the hassle of finding wonderful (and most importantly FREE) no attribution required, no copy-write FREE images, you should take a nosy at another one of my eloquently written and spoken masterpieces below. 😉

If you have any questions or would like to give out or to chew the ear off me for some strange reason, just to drop me a ‘Hello’ you can whistle (preferably a wolf whistle) a tweet to me.