Social Media Cheat Sheet of Image Dimensions 2015

Social Media Cheat Sheet of Image Dimensions 2015

Social media has evolved greatly since the days of ‘MySpace’ and ‘Bebo’… (remember them..?!) And it is no longer just a medium for socialising and conversing with different people and friends. It has become a powerful marketing tool for brands and companies. Because of this, the style and aesthetics of brand profiles have to reflect the brand ethos and personality. So that means pimping yo’ page!! All the different social media platforms have different rules and sizes for their images, be it profile pictures, cover images and posts they are all different.

Being a graphic designer it can get really frustrating remembering all these measurements… even  if you end up writing them down… you always end up loosing that scrap of paper…that for sure is a guarantee! And sometimes even when you do remember them from memory (*high 5, go you moment!) half of the time you will end up getting a phone call from someone saying ”Erm… I just checked the profile on my phone and the logos hidden by my pro pic” or ”Hey, why the hell did you cut me out the cover picture ass****?!” cos you see… all the different platforms have all different sizes…and all the different people have all different devices…and all the different devices have all different makes and models… iPhones, iPads, android, windows, Nokias, Samsung etc etc… the list goes on.. and all of them device models have there own way of showing the profiles. So that super awesome cover image you have just spent hours/days designing, now has to be changed and rearranged or even remade from scratch!

This my friends is super annoying and frustrating (like pulling out hair frustrating)..!! So in this blog I have composed a handy cheat sheet on the most popular different social media platform sizes and how they are shown on all the major devices. (And now hopefully you won’t have that client ringing you up moaning why you have cut out them out of the picture) 🙂

Your Social Media 2015 Image Cheat Sheet (Courtesy of BlueChief)


  1. Facebook

blue facebook-cover-photo-size cheatsheet

  • Facebook’s cover photo size is 851px  X 315px
  • This size both works for business pages and personal profiles.
  • Profile pic size: must be at least 180px X 180px

The top blue area is the safest visible area. That means they appear everywhere, whether on Desktop or mobile app.


2. Twitter

BLUE twitter-cover-photo-size

  • The size that’s been working for me is 1500px X 500px
  • Profile photo size: must be at least 400px X 400px

The blue area is the only part you need to fill in with your info. It is the safest visible area on mobile app and on desktop. The white areas invisible areas so do not add anything in there. They will be hidden.

**Tip – The original quality of your banner will lose once it’s uploaded on Twitter so it’s very important to save your banner HI Res.


3. LinkedIn

BLUE linkedin-company-cover-size cheat sheet

  • LinkedIn Company Page size is 646px  X 220px
  • The maximum size you can upload is 2M
  • Standard logo size: must be 100px x 60px
  • Square logo size: 50px x 50px

LinkedIn Normal Profiles

  • The recommended header size: 1400px X 425px has to be under 8MB in size.
  • LinkedIn avatar: at least 200px X 200px Maximum file size is 6MB.


4. Google+

BLUE google-plus-cover-photo-size

  • Google+ cover photo size is 2120px X 1192px
  • This size both works for business and personal profiles.
  • Profile photo size: must be at least 250px X 250px

**Tip (If you find that size too big, you can use this dimensions to 1080px X 607px)

*note (The white paddings at the corner are the maximum paddings/space you must use. Using too much padding will make your cover photo look small.)


5. Youtube

BLUE youtube-cover-art-size

  • Youtube’s cover art size is 2560px X 1440px
  • Light blue area is the safest area and will be seen on all devices.
  • The white area is invisible on desktops.
  • Try not to add anything of importance on the darkest blue areas, as anything in this area will not show up on tablets.

I wrote this cheat sheet as re-sizing can be super frustrating and time consuming so I am hoping I can take away a little bit of all that horrible, unnecessary crap for designers (and also non-designers of course!) 🙂 .. and that now you can have piece of mind in what exactly is going to be shown and what won’t. So no more unnecessary re-working and no more unnecessary phone calls of people being cut from photos! 🙂

If you have any questions send me a tweet.

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