Are your Social Media Images Copyright Free?

Are your Social Media Images Copyright Free?

Do you know the if the sources of the images that you use for your social media are copyright free? Not knowing could potentially could land you in hot water if you accidentally use another organisation’s image in a campaign and they take offence. There are all sorts of legal entanglements that it would be advisable to avoid. Want to know the ins and outs of copyright free images check out this link.

So you’ve learnt about copyright laws and how using other people’s images for social media could potentially land you and your business in trouble. David Teten points out that ‘The major search engines do not have accurate filters to distinguish between copyrighted and non-copyrighted images.’ Simply Googling for an image is not an option anymore, at least not in a professional capacity.

Fear not though, I have a list of sites that provide good quality, copyright free images which you can use for your social media.

If you follow these simple guidelines and use these few sites, you should be perfectly safe from the copyright people and have professional and eye-catching images too!

My Top Three Sites to get Copyright Free Images

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Stock Snap has beautiful images. It does not have such an extensive library but the quality of the images that they have, seem to be a step above other copyright free image sites. This is where to go if you want a really gorgeous imagery that will not look like stock photography.



Pixabay has an extensive gallery of images unlike Stock Snap but the quality can sometimes be questionable. Use discretion when selecting images from here, search for slightly different terms to see if you can find a higher quality of image. For example if you wanted a picture of a party, try searching for ‘party’, ‘celebration’ and ‘fun’. 

* Edit: The first row of images on Pixabay are from Shutterstock and are NOT free. All of the rest, however, are free!



Pexels also has some stunning images if the other two sites do not have the perfect image for your social media.


Want to learn more about images? You’re in luck

There you have it, between the three of these sites, there should have no fear of using all of the beautiful copyright free images! The images can then be used to make Facebook covers, Facebook ads, Twitter posts etc.

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Let me know in the comments below if there are any other copyright free image sharing sites that you prefer to use for your social media? I am always on the lookout for more quality sources.