4 Social Media New Years Resolutions to Kick Off 2016

4 Social Media New Years Resolutions to Kick Off 2016


Well, 2016 is upon us and while some people aren’t too happy about going back to work it’s nice to have some order back after the chaos of Christmas.

As well as returning to work, it is also that time of year when people make resolutions – and then struggle to keep them. Research recently completed by Social Media Today showed the following to be the top resolutions for people (based on what has been tweeted). A lot of these relate to life and our health. From a business point of view there is one key question:

What about resolutions for social media?

I’ve come up with 4 resolutions that businesses can adopt in 2016:

  1. Test out new platforms.
  2. Set goals for your social media activities.
  3. Test new tools.
  4. Keep up to date with all the latest news.

The key with these is to be consistent. By doing them every day they become a habit. Very often this is the key to keeping your new resolutions.

Test out new platforms

There are so many different platforms out there that it can be scary to begin with. From my own standpoint the networks I’m going to focus on and work on in 2016 are SnapChat and Periscope. I am focusing on these platforms because they combine some of the biggest areas of marketing in 2016:

Video, Live Streaming and Storytelling

SnapChat is a tool that I am really interested in, think of it as the video version of Twitter. Everything happens so quickly on SnapChat, the big difference here though is that the pictures and snaps last only 24 hours. While some may look at this a big drawback for the target audience on SnapChat (people under 30), it couldn’t be further from the truth. 86% of people on SnapChat are under 30 and there are 5 billion video views… every day. For any business whose customers are in this age group, these are big stats. This network is growing and will continue to grow in 2016.

The other network I will be focusing on is Periscope. As I have mentioned in previous posts, this is the year it will hit the mainstream. Periscope, in a nutshell, is Twitter’s version of Meerkat. It allows you to broadcast to a live audience from your phone. By harnessing your Twitter account as well you can broadcast to a large audience. This along with Facebook Live will be two things to watch this year. Now, while some people may be nervous of doing a live broadcast… fear not! It’s a great network to just be a viewer on as you can get tips and advice from some tops experts.

Set Goals for your Social Media Activity

I’ve said it before in previous posts but setting goals for your social media is crucial. If you set goals for sales and you set goals for turnover then why not set them for engagement and conversion rate? Goal setting will make the difference when it comes to utilising social networks. An example of goal setting is the following:

  • Identify the top 50 targets (it’s a new year so why not be ambitious).
  • Build a strategy of how to engage with them – This includes what networks they’re on, what groups/pages they participate in.
  • What posts do they like/share/comment on.
  • During this process measure the length of the lead cycle and conversions.
  • The cornerstone to all this is to engage, engage and engage.


If there’s one thing that social media isn’t short of it’s tools. There are so many of them out there. Tools can help you shape and mould your social media activity to help make the most out of your time and effort. I was recently featured in a blog where 100+ Social Media Experts (yes yours truly is viewed as an expert) highlighted the top tools that they use. As you can guess we didn’t all mention the exact same tools, even if we did that is still 100 tools and not even yours truly has the time to go through that many tools. Now before you panic about where to start fear not below is a table of some of the top social media tools used by us here in BlueChief Social

social media new years resolutions
Manage social networks themselvesThe tools above will help you to:

  • Manage the content you put up
  • Analyse how you are doing

These will help form a solid foundation from which to launch your social media campaigns and efforts.


Learn, learn and then learn some more

When it comes to social media you never stop learning. Just when you think you have one tool mastered, along comes a new update or feature that changes the playing field. All you have to do is check out the last few BlueChief Social Weekly videos to see how quickly things can change. As a result, it pays to plan ahead and keep up to date with all the latest news. From changes to Twitter or Instagram ads to LinkedIn’s new mobile app (well worth having a look at) – the world of social media is constantly changing.

Wondering where to start looking for all the latest news? Well fear not! I’ve created a list on Twitter with news from some of the top social media sources such as Social Media Today and Hubspot. I would also advise following these three people when it comes to social media, entrepreneurship and business:

Seth Godin

Pam Moore

Gary Vaynerchuk

What is the key to these new years resolutions? Consistency

As I’ve said many times, social media is a marathon not a sprint. You can’t sign up and expect it to be an overnight success. As with all resolutions… consistency is key. By doing things regularly they become habits. By following the tips above and working on them consistently you can make the most out of social media for your business and your personal brand in 2016.

_________________________________________________________________________Want to learn more? We provide a wide range of social media services ranging from training to shadowing to account management. You can also keep up to date on all things social by following us on Twitter and Facebook. Till next time best of luck with the new year’s resolutions (and let us know how they’re going!!)

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