Social Media Tips for Businesses using just their Keywords

Social Media Tips for Businesses using just their Keywords

With the New Year in full swing I figured it was time to have a look at the keywords associated with social media in 2015. Using the top three for each network the following tips for businesses were developed:

  • Facebook is worth using due to how connected it is to other networks
  • Pinterest should be used as an online catalogue for your products/services
  • Set up a channel on YouTube and create videos that add value as well as promote the business
  • Make your social networks as mobile friendly as possible

The table below shows the main keywords found using Yippy Cloud Creator

Social Keywords 2015


Facebook is used for personal connections

Facebook can be best described as the network that people use the most to connect with friends. A word of advice for businesses, try and use pictures where you can instead of words, or if this isn’t possible balance posts images and words in them. The fact that Facebook is also a keyword for several other networks shows how important it is to have a presence.

Use Twitter for Business and finding info

Twitter is one of the best sources of news and information online. The search bar is in ways better than Google as it works in real time. The fact ads is one of the keywords shows the growth there has been in how to use this tool to promote businesses.

Twitter Search Bar

LinkedIn, the professional network

LinkedIn is THE network for people looking for jobs online. An active profile can be a great tool to include in your CV.

Your Pinterest Catalogue

Pinterest is beginning to be recognised as an important tool for businesses. The best way for businesses to use this tool is to think of it as an online catalogue for your products. When it comes to the pictures the higher the quality is the better.

Pinterest Catalogue

Mix up your Instagram

With Instagram the main takeaway for businesses would be to split your content between photos and videos. The great benefit of using videos is that you can share them on Facebook and not be penalised. YouTube videos in comparison get penalised as they’re owned by Google.

YouTube, set up Channel You

With YouTube as highlighted the main takeaway is set up your own channel. YouTube is the main video tool used online. Set up your own channel and start creating videos that not only promote your products/services but also provide tips that add value. If people are given the choice between watching a video or reading a guide video will win.

The Rise of Apps

The fact apps is a regular shows the importance of not only using mobile but also making sure your posts are mobile friendly. This means short and to the point words and clear images. If you can simplify what you put up then do this.

Download Icon


Want to find out more?

These are just some of the main takeaways from just looking at the keywords of the main social media channels. If you have any questions or are interested in finding out more about how social media can help your business why not Tweet Us. You can also check out the services that we can provide.

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