Social Media Usage in Ireland in 2016

Social Media Usage in Ireland in 2016

It is super important to stop and take stock of the social media trends of the previous year. This blog post will run through the social media usage in Ireland in 2016 so you can get a broad overview in under 500 words. This allows you to possibly predict trends in 2017 and to get an accurate and simple depiction of the social media landscape in Ireland.

After all, if you can place yourself in the landscape, you can then make informed and educated decisions about the future. So have a look at this blog and learn about social media usage in Ireland in 2016 because at BlueChief, we want you to be informed and up to date on all social media news, apps and online campaigns.

Social media in Ireland is fast becoming the most preferred source of news with over 52% of people in Ireland consuming their news digitally according to Fujo. That is over half of the population moving away from hard copies and also possibly not spending money buying their news. News outlets will have to work hard in the future to get revenue especially as a large percentage (up to 30%) of people in Ireland use some form of ad blocker when online.

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The Irish Times provided an interesting fact that Irish companies are the second highest users of social media in the European Union. This is a pretty impressive but just how are they using their social media?  Could they be more efficient and more creative in their approach? In this blog, by Dan, discover how brands could improve for the better in 2017.

Top Social Media Usage per Day In Ireland

Facebook is the clear winner out of all of the social media usage in Ireland in 2016. According to Bubble (who do a great infographic every year on social media in Ireland)

  • There are 74% of people in Ireland using Facebook daily.
  • 35% of Twitters users log in and use it every day.
  • There are 18% of people using LinkedIn every day in Ireland.
  • 48% use Instagram daily

Social media usage Ireland 2016

According to RTE, LinkedIn saw a 5% rise within the last year of users. We will see if this continues on in 2017.

Top 3 Social Message Services in Ireland In 2016

  1. 53% of people in Ireland use Facebook messenger.
  2. There were 49% of individuals using Whatsapp.
  3. Skype came in third at 44%.

Check out the infographic below to see the rest of the breakdown for social messaging usage in Ireland in 2016.

I hope this was helpful and that it gave you a broad overview of social media usage in Ireland in 2016. If you have any question or would like to connect, click on the icons next to my name to find me.