Spam on Instagram how have things changed?

Spam on Instagram how have things changed?

Everyone has had the same experience, they take a picture on Instagram, filter it (maybe) and add some text. Within minutes or even seconds they get a spam reply similar to the ones below.

While the great Instagram Purge saw millions of accounts wiped out it seems to be like a hydra, you cut one off and two more replace it. After having a Google Hangout with Dario Vereilli of Octopus and Son both of us were in agreement:

“Has anything really changed?”.

It isn’t as if Instagram is the first to experience this problem. Everyone has experienced getting spam in their emails, on Twitter or if they have a blog in their comments. The next question we asked was:

 “What could Instagram do to solve this?”

Here are a couple of ideas that could be used to help make peoples Instagram experience as spam free as possible. A lot of these solutions are ones that others have used. The main strength of these being that well they work. As they say if you can’t beat them join them.

Instagram Spam


While Twitter constantly has problems with fakes accounts and obvious spam they have done some simple tactics that make it so much easier to make the most of the microblog network:

The report and block buttons – These are great tools to have on the consumers side as it enables them to identify, block and report suspect accounts the moment you’re suspicious. A similar feature on Instagram would be a great tool to develop. While it hasn’t stopped the practice completely on Twitter it has definitely helped make my experience a lot better.

Twitter Report Button


A plugin/app

Anyone who has set up a simple WordPress blog has experienced this problem. If you don’t have the right steps put in place you get bombarded with spam comments selling you everything from Louis Vuitton handbags to Air Jordans. The right plugin phases this out so that you rarely have to deal with it. Considering Instagram is a phone first social network it is surprising no one has thought of an app to block these comments. I just checked Google Play Store and found there is no app available to download for this very purpose.



What Instagram spam can teach you about using the network

For me the biggest thing that these comments thought me about using this great network is simple:

#Dont #hashtag #every #word – I fell into this trap to begin with as I simply copied what others did. However you soon recognise that certain words are a trigger for spam. As a result when it comes to developing my Instagram profile I now put time into using the right words to hashtag rather than just going on a hashtag binge.

Best #tv series ever #FNL #football #cleareyesfullhearts #cantlose

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Thoughts on the issue of Spam?

We live in an era where people can very quickly lose patience with marketing messages that are blatantly just mass marketed. I have had the experience of getting messages for hair extensions and as the picture below shows I’m the perfect market for them.


On Instagram at the moment spam is something that can be difficult to avoid. However by learning from others experiences Instagram can put proven steps in place to help make the users experience as hassle free as possible. These are just some of the suggestions that I came up with. Be sure to check out Darios piece to get the perspective from the other side of the pond. If you have any questions or want help with your social media efforts make sure to check out our services page. You can also follow us on Instagram and Twitter

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