Startup Weekend Limerick Shows Twitter and Events are a Match Made in Heaven

Startup Weekend Limerick Shows Twitter and Events are a Match Made in Heaven

We have often seen it with live music and sports events, you go to Twitter and see that the hashtag is trending online at the time. One thing businesses often think is that these are such big events that being able to do the same thing is impossible. Well I’m here to say that it is possible. How do I know this? Because I took part in Startup Weekend Limerick recently.


This event harnessed the power of Twitter through:

  • Focusing on one hashtag
  • Getting the word out about the hashtag
  • Focus on the short term
  • Mix up your tweets with pictures and videos

As a result it was able to trend and get word out on Twitter. I’m going to use this as an example that when using the right tactics it is possible for local events to harness social media and get word out it.

Focus on ONE hashtag

The hashtag for startup Limerick was simple #swlimerick. It wasnt anything else. Straightaway the benefit of this is that everyone involved used this in their Tweets. This combined the activity of over 100 Twitter accounts behind one hashtag. This resulted in a reach of over 95,000 and impressions of over 170,000 on the Sunday alone. The Twitter activity over the weekend wasn’t dilute by using several different hashtags. Using one hashtag and letting people know what the hashtag is (make sure to remind people what this is) are important in order to get word out.

BlueChief Tip: Develop one hashtag for an event and get in behind it

Get the word out about your hashtag/activity

Reach out and let people know about what you’re doing. Startup Weekend was a great event to use this tactic due to the vibrant Startup community there is on Twitter. People as far away as the US were tweeted and they engaged and helped to drive the event online. This when combined with the hashtag helped to create a one two punch of getting word out but also word that can be tracked.

BlueChief Tip: Research people beforehand to contact and help drive the event on Twitter.

Twitter is terrific to get as much reach as possible in the short term

While Twitter may have its drawbacks (what network doesn’t) it is brilliant if you want to get word out to a large audience as quick as possible. As part of Startup Weekend each potential business set up their own Twitter profile. In the space of a day word spread about these businesses not just nationally but also internationally as well. This speed is definitely one of the biggest strengths that Twitter has. Using the right tactics Twitter can also help a business scale its numbers and gets its name out to as many people in as short a time as possible.

BlueChief Tip: Use Twitter as much as possible during the event.

(Check out 3:02 on the StartUp Weekend Limerick video)

Have a great mix of text, picture and video tweets

The mobile phone + Twitter is a match made in heaven. Send out tweets that show behind the scenes and how things progress throughout the day. A great mix of Tweets were sent throughout the weekend showing the talks that took place during the weekend but also how each business developed throughout the weekend.

BlueChief Tip: Add humour to your content to help connect with your audience and stand out from the crowd.

Planning to do an event?

After the experience of Startup Weekend one thing is for certain, Twitter and events were made for each other. Not only can you reach out and show people the event in real time but you can also use Twitter to connect with influencers and potential clients. If you have any questions or are looking for help with any events you’re running anytime soon please contact us. You can also follow us on Twitter.

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