The Future of Gaming

The Future of Gaming

We are currently at the 8th generation of video game consoles and some analysts speculate the eighth generation could be the last. Console gaming has been a staple of the modern living room since Atari launched its assault on the home with the 2600 console. But as these consoles and their games have become more and more expensive, some hardcore gamers have switched to PC gaming which has become more affordable, while casual gamers have more and more options such as the upcoming PlayStation TV, Project Shield, the still popular 3DS, ouya, IPad, ios & android.


Mobile Gaming

Five years ago the best smartphone games we had were basic racers, two-dimensional strategy games,  board and card games. Today when you fire up your app store there are graphically-rich racers, intense shooters, interactive puzzles, physics engines put to work powering animated slingshots, and so much more.


Mobile devices pack an unbelievable amount of power. Just look at games such as EA’s Real Racing 3.


As mobile devices get more powerful, these games are only going to improve. As people start spending more and more using new apps such as google wallet, Apple pay and facebook & twitter close to releasing payment services, purchasing and paying more for mobile games will surely become more common too.

One of the biggest problems with mobile games is the touch screen controls. Some of the most successful games such as angry birds or cut the ropes are games that work well with these controls.

Mobile & VR


Another major development within the world of video games is virtual reality (VR). A long-explored concept in science fiction is about to become more mainstream than ever before. Oculus Rift, the VR headset which was acquired by Facebook for $2bn earlier this year, is rumoured to be in stores by the end of next year.


“You look out. You look up. You see snowflakes. You reach for them. In that moment, the technology disappears and all that’s left is the experience. It’s transformative.”


And samsung, among others are predicting that mobile gaming and VR will collide. The Samsung VR will be their attempt to showcase this new tech. It could be out by as early as December with prices estimated at around $200, that is if you have a galaxy note 4.


Google Cardboard

So what to do in the meantime. Those of us who are eager to see what the future could hold can check out google cardboard.

To quote google,

‘We want everyone to experience virtual reality in a simple, fun, and inexpensive way. That’s the goal of the Cardboard project.’


Amazon are currently selling these kits for around €25.00. So how good are they. I have no idea but mine is somewhere on the way and I cant wait to try it out. Thanks Google.

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