The most important question you will ask is how.

The most important question you will ask is how.

There is nothing without the ‘how’…

your business will do nothing if you don’t know ‘how’…

and our business wouldn’t exist if we didn’t know ‘how’.

How to achieve equity for your brand online, how to execute quality social media strategies to increase your brand awareness, how to quantify social media results.

For you it’s simple, we have the processes in place, we have failed enough times to know , and we have carried out the tests to know what will hit your market’s perfect spot.

We know how to target your audience on social media, they are being bombarded with the same messages from all of your competitors, they lack personality, they copy each other, and they don’t make use of the latest social media trends.

The biggest mistake you can make is not showing off the unique personality of your brand online, your brand’s personality and originality are engaging.

You need to command the corner of your market with your original personality, and we will help you get that message out consistently through quality content.

Your competitor’s ignorance and ego stop them from being effective on social media: Ignorant to the trends and letting their ego get in the way of utilising those trends.

Livestream is taking over; people are 4 times more likely to watch a livestream than original video content. Has your brand livestreamed?

We understand that a lack of experience and resources can stop your brand from truly expressing itself online.

BlueChief Social has built the processes that will get you the engagement online that your brand deserves, showing why your brand is worthwhile.

Adaptable processes equal scalability that means results.

We have adaptable and scalable processes that we can tailor to your business. BlueChief Social will build the process to suit your brand from scratch for every new partner.

If a social media platform doesn’t bring return for your brand, then you should be utilising a more effective platform for your particular brand. If there is no return on investment then you’re wasting your time.

We create engaging content for your brand through understanding the personality of the brand, through understanding your audience and how they digest content, and through understanding what the audience wants from your brand.

Rolling out content strategies and improvements based on our analytics: KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) and ROI’s (return on investment).

Our biggest concern is increasing your company’s bottom line: we build brand awareness, drive engagement, generate loyalty and increase conversion.

BlueChief Social builds your online presence around your audience needs and wants.

Value added online will give you value added in your results.

If you’re the right partner for BlueChief we guarantee you return on your investment if you use our processes.

One of main reasons we have mastered social media is because we’ve built internal processes. Processes that no other company has, in order to measure your brand equity and strength.

Pioneering best practices at BlueChief comes from AB testing, from our failures, learning from our mistakes.

People still don’t full understand the value of social media. It is sales, marketing gone digital. Most brands haven’t realised that yet, but you are here.

You don’t know the value you can get until you meet us.

It is for everybody but not everybody has the mind frame to understand that.

We take the time to get a real look and feel for a company, their brand and their clients. Each project is our reputation, each project is a masterpiece and each partner is part of our team.

We understand the deep dimensions behind social media, the brands we work with and their clients. It’s how we build our infrastructure and processes to integrate these variables that make us a partner brands want to work with.

We base the amount of time to invest on the amount of data needed to build a best practise approach.

We are continuously testing and trying new approaches, new platforms for core industries we work with.

To understand your audience we need to start with you, and to deliver for your audience we need to be you.

We build each project from scratch with our partners; we don’t work for you, we work with you.

Aisling – BlueChief Content Creator  


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