The startup life is a roller coaster with ups and downs

The startup life is a roller coaster with ups and downs

How would I describe my experience of the startup life in the first month at BlueChief so far? It has been amazing. I never thought it was going to be that much fun here. The whole team at BlueChief is so helpful and friendly. At the same time, we also do Friday night out sometimes and lunch at work, which is organized by BlueChief itself. Moreover, we play football every Tuesday after work so these activities really make BlueChief unique and great company to associate with.

What I have learned so far about the startup life 

In the few weeks I have been with BlueChief there are some key things that I have learned about the startup life:

Lesson #1: How to effectively engage through social media

Most importantly I have learned how to engage with clients via social media tools like Twitter, Linkedin etc. The credit goes to each and every member of the team who assist me on it. Another thing I would like to mention is what to pitch or what not to pitch to your customers when you approaching them for the first time. 

Lesson #2: Always keep Improving

I had been given advice that if something isn’t working out well for the job your are into then you have to improve it or change it if as soon as possible. There is no point wasting important time on an area where you know you’re struggling to get results.

The other thing you can do is change your style of working and managing time accordingly in terms of which customers to target, how to target them and what to offer them. 

Lesson #3: Experienced employees aren’t better than hungry ones

When your startup has a few million Euros in the bank, you have a lot of flexibility when it comes to hiring. Because of this, you will look for the smartest person out there to hire…you know, the person with a ton of experience who has done what you want to do… such as executives. For example Shane our Operations Chief made a mistake while giving a presentation when he started out, he was constantly moving his arms without realizing it and that looked like he is carrying an imaginary baby. Over the time, he resolved that and learned to be attentive and not to do that ever again. So what I am trying to highlight is that what I quickly learned is that everyone make mistakes but the crucial thing is to find a solution and not to repeat it. I would say that you want to hire hungry individuals who haven’t gotten that big break in their career yet. These are the ones who will fight and do whatever it takes to succeed at Startup Company. 

Lesson #4: Your social circle defines you

When you were a kid, did you parents always tell you to hang out with the smart kids? I know mine did… they never want me to hang out with kids who were dumb or misbehaved as they feared it would rub off on me or I will become one of them. The same goes with entrepreneurship. It wasn’t until later in my career that I realized that your peers have a big impact on how well you will do. If your friends are smart entrepreneurs who are successful, the environment will push you to do better, and you will develop faster as an entrepreneur. That’s what I had learned from our CEO and GM here at BlueChief. For example, Shane hangs out with a ton of product development people and some respected Entrepreneurs. He loves it as it helps him develop his skills when it comes to building services. Conversely, I hang out with a lot of business/finance guys and I never miss a chance to go out with them, which has helped me understand things like how to raise money or structure a buyout. You should move to a location where you can surround yourself with people who will help you get to where you want to be in life. At the same time, make sure you reciprocate and help them out whenever you can.

Lesson #5: Successful people don’t always know what’s best When I started out here at BlueChief, I used to get mentorship from other successful entrepreneurs e.g Peter Hunt of Node. Throughout the time, their advice was helpful, and without them, I wouldn’t have learned what I have learned today. I’ve tried hard to make something very clear on this blog: I’ve learned a lot from my experiences. But I’ve learned just as much, if not more, from reading about the experiences of the entrepreneurs who were there first. There’s an incredible amount of information and insight out there for anyone looking to grow a business, from blogs and books to recorded talks, interviews, and podcasts. One painful lesson I have been taught about the startup life here at BlueChief that if you don’t make time to learn, you’re robbing yourself and your business. 


Finally, I wanted to say that my experience of startup life here at BlueChief is one of the memorable experience I had so far. As I had mentioned above that I have learned how to engaging effectively with your customers through social media, always stay hungry for customers, hang around with intelligent and open-minded people. Most importantly, everyone commit mistakes no matter which position you holding but finding a solution of it and implement it for future is the greatest achievement. I had always been confident of speaking in public but since I have been working with BlueChief, my confidence level has been boosted.

Startup Life

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