Theres a Difference between “using” Social Media and USING Social Media

Theres a Difference between “using” Social Media and USING Social Media

I’ve thought about writing this blog for a while. It stems from a couple of different areas however one of the biggest ones is from talking to students and people looking to work in the field of marketing, particularly social media. The key moral I want for students in college to take from this and businesses as well is this, there’s a difference between “using” social media and actually using social media.

“Using” Social Media

Very often when I was people if they use social media I get the response of:

“Yep I’m on Facebook, Instagram YouTube etc”.

It’s when you mine down that you find out that they’re not really using social media. What do I mean by this? Well if you answer that you chat with your friends on Facebook, browse the latest honest trailer on YouTube and check up what’s Conor McGregors latest car on Instagram than I’ve some bad news for you. This is the type of browsing I do when head home at the end of the day to take a time out from blogging, strategising and creating regular content. It’s this distinction that’s crucial for people to recognise.

Too many businesses follow the tactic of having their social media run by someone who is on the network, this very often falls under the “using” social media category. When I hear this I often ask:

“Would you leave the accounts to someone because they have a calculator? So why the hell do that with marketing!!!”

It’s important to recognise this and change your approach ASAP.

If you’re a student looking to get into the industry and you use social media to browse then you need to change, ASAP. It’s time to think of yourself as a brand and ask: 

“Whats the best approach I can take to promote myself online to potential employers?”

Take your snaps, tweets and posts more serious as they can lay the groundwork for your career and get your foot in the right doors.

When it comes to this area very often the biggest obstacle there is to changing how you do something is confidence. Will my friends slag me off if I join groups who are focused on social media? What happens if I get slagged for posting that Instagram pic from the conference I went to? We’ve all been in that boat and the thing is this is something that can happen in so many other areas. If people are really concerned about stuff like this than in a word they need to get out more.

Just start working on your content and start reaching out to the right people. A recent episode of StartUp Smack focused on students/millenials and how very often outside of college work they don’t do much else to help get that job they want

I recently gave a talk at WIT and one of the bits of advice I gave was of you know someone with a Facebook business page ask them if you could help them out. Why do this? Because it helps you move onto the next step.

Actually using Social Media

This is the category you want to be in. It’s the area where you can say when it comes to social media:

  • I use Facebook business pages
  • My focus on Twitter is engaging with an interested audience and learning about the latest news
  • With Instagram I’m promoting the business through a combination of not only content but also testing hashtags to see what works and what doesn’t
  • I’m using SnapChat to create engaging and entertaining stories. I’m also doing cross platform promotion as well.
  • I don’t overlook the advertising side of online
  • Throughout the entire process I measure and adapt in order to make the next post/campaign work better.

The great thing with this is it applies across the board. Whether you’re a business or a student it’s crucial for you to be in this category. The fact that this area covers both businesses and students shows the benefit there is for students to start focusing on how you use these tools.

Why? Well if done right when it comes to an interview you have REAL LIFE EXPERIENCE.

Thanks for the advice, where do I start at using social media right?

I hope this blog has been an eye-opener whether you’re a student or business. Wondering about where to start? I thought ahead and worked on these slides that you can use to help start using social media so that it’s a benefit for your business/career. If you have any questions or need help drop us an email or a Tweet

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