Top 3 Design Trends 2015

Top 3 Design Trends 2015

Design is dynamic, it is always changing with the times and trends. So in this article I will be looking at the top 3 design trends of 2015.

1. Flat Design

Personally I love flat designs! I think the simple geometric shapes are a dream to work with. They say trends always tend to come back around and these ones kind of have in a way, as they seem to have an influence of previous movements such as Bauhaus and have an air of Swiss about them with their minimalist qualities. I think flat designs are so much fun, they’re bright, colourful! 🙂 But are also pleasant and pleasing on the eye as they are clean to look at. They may look simple, but in actual fact a lot of design is put into them. If you think about it, they are not realistic, just geometric shapes. And even though they are made up from just those shapes, they still paint a picture and you still receive the message of what they are.

Flat design

2. Emphasis on type

Emphasis on type is continuing on from 2014 and prob will be for next year to be honest. I think this is because of the popularity on social media of sharing emotional/inspiring quotes placed over the top of an inspirational looking image. I myself think this trend looks and is great, design wise. But how much I stay loving it, all depends on the amount of ‘supposedly’ Marylin Monroe quotes, placed over an image of someone walking down a lonely road I will see this week. Personally I think this style of design is aesthetically pleasing and can make powerful impacts if done in the right way. But unfortunately I believe the non designers out there, placing random crap over ‘inspirational’ images, using an ugly typeface with disgraceful alignment and leading is ruining this trend.

Emphasise type

3. Full Backgrounds

My last and final trend is full backgrounds…Love ’em. I think they look great in all areas of design, screen, print and web. They are a statement piece, they grab viewers attentions and retain it. They have a clean and professional quality to them. You can’t actually see the grids that are being used throughout the piece and this creates less visual noise. So viewers only concentrate on the main subjects on the page. This trend combined with the previous trend of emphasising type when done correctly, can create marvelous imagery with big impacts.


What are your thoughts?

Personally I love all of these trends. 🙂 They have potential to make fun and intriguing thought provoking designs… when done correctly! These trends are hot for 2015, so take heed and don’t let your designs go out of style. 🙂 We’re half way through this year already, so I wonder what next year will bring? Get in touch and let me know what your thoughts are… 🙂

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