“Trumping” Political Correctness

“Trumping” Political Correctness

What have I gotten myself into? It’s 4:30 pm on Monday the 2nd of October 2016, the start of a new week and my brain is fried. For years I’ve always battled with this subject matter and how it has always bugged me, political correctness. I’ve seen countless times where this apparent progressive idea has held us back or censored us as a species. How will we ever create dialogue or become more educated on a subject if we are censoring the language of that subject? As a species we are no longer curious or adventurous, we aren’t even daring or eager to learn new things or to challenge ourselves. Instead what we have become as a whole are delicate little flowers that need constant protection and mollycoddling of the highest order.

Our focus in these modern times is that of anti-intellectualism and we instead concentrate almost exclusively on emotional well-being. There is a sort of Totalitarian mentality creeping into modern society. One that believes that there is no place for anyone who disagrees or who tries to push the boundaries. This gag order which we have put on modern society is the reason we have such a divide amongst classes and how there is an inability nowadays to be comfortable living and working with those who are different than us. We see it everywhere. There is an outpouring of vile hatred abuse when there is an incident or a movement that would make us uncomfortable in any way. We are all terrified to speak up, in fact, we are terrified to speak at all in case others disagree. But there’s the problem. People are meant to disagree. It’s at the core of our very beings. How will we ever advance if there are no disagreements?

The Era of I’m Offended!!

There is a rush in modern life to take offence at everything. Now the original intent of Political Correctness may have been good (to encourage tact and sensitivity to others feelings around issues of gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, physical abilities and such) but instead political correctness has had the opposite effect and everyone avoids these topics completely. It’s gone so far that Political Correctness has become a bigger problem than the problem it was intended to address.

Getting back to my original point that Political Correctness is the censorship of language, not only do I feel that this statement is true I feel that Political Correctness is an assault on language. It isn’t the language used that upsets us, it’s our interpretation of said language that upsets us. Ideas and content can’t upset you only your interpretation can.

Political Correctness presents itself as kindness yet it attempts to restrict and control people’s words with strict codes and rigid rules. This is the incorrect way to fight discrimination. Language shapes our emotions but it cannot be silenced. One of the main goals of Political Correctness is to ensure we use “Politically Correct words” These are open-ended, vague words which are completely pointless as long as the social stigma attached to the words survives. As a consequence of this words get stuck on a Euphemism Roundabout.

For instance, “Handicapped” was considered a perfectly acceptable term before Political Correctness came along. Then it was deemed hurtful and replaced with “Disabled” The beginning of the Euphemism Roundabout. Some more time passed before once again the Political Correctness Police also became annoyed with “Disabled” Once again the word went on the Euphemism Roundabout and stopped at “Physically Challenged”. But that’s not where it ends. As if that term wasn’t stupid and vague enough people once again became offended, bear in mind the people who are offended by this don’t seem to be the people who are actually “Handicapped”. “Physically Challenged” was once again deemed inappropriate and now we have to use “Differently Abled”. One of the ugliest assaults on language. It makes no sense, “Differently Abled” should be used to describe all people as we are all “Differently Abled”. This is one of the hundreds of cases of Verbal Slight of Hand used to distract everyone to the fact that we still haven’t discovered any medical procedures to help them. These “Progressives” decide to rename a group of people of their own accord and they do so by introducing a sense of shame to the existing name. Handicapped people or people in any other group do not require some heroic designation. It’s a perfectly honourable condition.

I personally am an extremely non-religious person but even I know that it appeared in the Bible. “Jesus healed the crippled” he didn’t prescribe rehabilitative strategies to improve the conditions of the physically disadvantaged. At the end of the day “Progressives” can come up with all the new words they want. These words will continue to be taken up by the same terrible people with the same terrible intent to hurt.

Underlying harmful intent never changes. We shouldn’t be avoiding these people by coming up with new words. Instead, we should open the conversation with these people and educate them about how their use of the words would be hurtful. We cannot continue to censor those we don’t want to hear as they will just find a different way to talk to us. Instead, we should be drowning them out with conversation and normalising these words. Remove the stigma attached and free the people being affected. We need to change the current situation when the discussion ends with the vocal minority using words to hurt while the silent majority stay quiet but are offended. We are giving away our power. In this situation what happens is that if people can’t control their own emotions then they try to control other people’s behaviour. That being said everyone has a right to their own opinion but they do not have a right to their own facts.

One thing that always seems to amaze me about the people who preach about Political Correctness is their complete lack of understanding around the names and insults which they brand others with. Words like racist, sexist and bigot can besmirch a reputation, kill a career or even be used to invalidate a lifetime of good work. Ironically the people who sling around these insults are the ones who consider the impact of their words the least. If we can’t talk about differences that puzzle us or things we’re curious about without fear of being labelled incorrectly then how can we overcome our ignorance about cultures and races? If we must constantly self-censor then we are doomed to perpetuate the very barriers we want to overcome. Dialogue is dead and this is making us a more divided society than ever.

Donald Trump, the Saviour Against Political Correctness?

What the hell happened? I honestly did not see the last few weeks turning out like it has. I abandoned this blog post by accident, genuinely. Other things for work came up and my thoughts just wavered from finishing this. I checked back in with it every couple of weeks with reminders and deadlines from my boss on when to finish it but I couldn’t. It’s such a touchy subject for so many people I could never find a way to finish the blog without being lynched by some people.

I was worried that I’d lose friends, family members would turn on me and even my girlfriend would hate me. But like the Phoenix rising from the ashes my saviour came along in the form of Donald J. Trump, or sorry let me give him his proper title Supreme Leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of America. A physical representation or everything wrong with the world but the man who could give validation to the issue in this blog and prove the point I’m trying to convey in terms people will understand.

On the 8th of November 2016, citizens of the United States of America went to the polling stations to vote on who would become their 45th President. All the pollsters, newsreaders and analysts were forecasting that his opponent Hillary Clinton would win the election. How could the American people in their right mind ever vote someone as outspoken and downright vulgar as Donald Trump to be their president. He spent his campaign making outlandish claims that shocked and horrified the public in equal measure. This also caused him to have a massive, almost cult-like following. His campaign was almost seen as a joke by the public. A sideshow that simply would never lead him to the Oval Office. He shouted louder than any other candidate on the ticket making claims that he would build a wall on the Mexican border and make Mexico pay for it, he mocked reporters with physical handicaps during his speeches and on numerous occasions recordings of him making perverted claims about women were leaked to the public.

This man is truly deserving of the slurs directed at him like racist and sexist. He is a loud, brash, vulgar, Oompa Loompa look alike who shouldn’t be allowed on the grounds of The White House let alone have the keys to the place. He offended people to no end. Many of the people within his own party withdrew their support of his campaign and urged him to withdraw from the race too. But guess what, Donald Trump is now President-Elect of the United States of America.

How? You might ask. Instead, I prefer to ask how could we be so stupid? We let this happen by being consistently offended. It distracted us from what was really going on. While Trump was making outrageous remarks and we were getting upset, his supporters were rallying together. This ranged from the downright crazy supporters to the honest supporters who just felt they weren’t being represented by the current regime. He was making remark after remark which were all terribly politically incorrect but it was exactly what he needed.

Everyone spent their time focusing on the bad things he said instead of actually trying to beat him. The democrats must have thought how could there ever lose to someone saying the things he was saying instead of putting together a plan that would quash any of his outlandish claims and really gather those undecided voters and also the voters looking for a change. Hillary Clinton ended up standing for nothing. She was the first real female candidate with a real chance of winning the election but yet 42% of women still voted for Trump. This was a man who bragged about being able to force himself on women because he was a TV “star”

He was recorded on a hot mic saying “And when you’re a star, they let you do it, You can do anything. Grab them by the pussy, You can do anything.” Yet the democrats couldn’t beat this man as they were too busy being offended by these remarks. He had given them an open goal but they talked about how vulgar he is and how could he ever run their country. What did they ever expect from a man that looked like this?

So what if he said that, go fucking clean the man out. Crucify his policy and the numbers he brags about. We all know that they are wrong. Give the people cold hard facts and present them with no choice but the truth. Instead, the Democrats fed into the media bullshit story where they overanalyzed every single word he said in the video. They along with everyone in the public were offended and they were triggered.

Don’t get me wrong I get what he said was terrible for women’s rights but it’s not fucking me who voted him the President of my country. It was 42 fucking percent of those same women that voted him in. There was one of their own gender, the first of her kind. A woman and a feat that could inspire generations of other women after her and yet 42% of women still thought that a man who bragged about sexually assaulting women beat her! This has defined Political Correctness. People were too busy being offended to remember that Trump is an absolute imbecile. Then because the Democrats refuse to use their brains and debate or start a conversation that imbecile is the President-Elect.

I’ve zero sympathy for Hillary Clinton or anyone. Maybe stop being so easily offended or offended in general and tear this man limb from limb on his policies. The Democrats created an environment where the blob Trump could thrive. They didn’t persuade people to vote but they did court celebrity endorsements which in the end don’t matter. They thought that no other opinion or way at looking at the world mattered. They gathered all the freaks, racists and sexists along with every normal Trump supporter and called them the “Basket of Deplorables” This was a greater rallying cry than Trump could ever need. How will they vote if you talk to them like that? It’s like if you are against the prevailing view you are attacked by those who are offended by your argument. Those who were offended should have stopped moaning or complaining. They should have stopped ignoring their opponent and instead silenced him with the truth.

But I guess that’s the world we live in. The world where we all get offended by the slightest thing. The world where we ban people from speaking at Universities because “OMG they might say something offensive.” The world where the majority of people think by reposting something on Facebook that they are partaking in political debate.

The World in 2016

The world where a retweet from Greenpeace “saves 1 Billion trees” the world where I can’t show a woman something without being told I’m “Mansplaining” to them even though they might not know what the fuck they are doing. The way we are doing things doesn’t work anymore, being offended by every little thing doesn’t work anymore. Calling names, sulking and not talking to each other doesn’t work ANYMORE!! The way we are doing things currently leads to disasters like Brexit and President fucking Trump!! Get out and do something about it. Don’t get violent, get educated. Convince those who think different. Convince them of your argument and listen to theirs.

The people who disagree with you aren’t evil because of the things they say. That’s their opinions and yours can be different. The beauty of Free Speech is that we CAN have different opinions, we CAN disagree and we CAN debate but at the moment Political Correctness is the biggest hindrance to Free Speech.

Finally, this may sound like a damning article and I may seem like a hypocrite after this next statement but fuck it. Discrimination, “Hate-Speech”, Racism, Sexism and Misogyny are all wrong and terrible. I would prefer if we were all intelligent enough where things didn’t have to lead to them but we aren’t. Saying that I think I’ve presented a valid argument on the evidence of the last 6 months. I also feel like I’ve presented a valid solution. Conversation!

Conversation is key to a world free from all of the wrong. It is key to the advancement of us as a human race and it is the antidote to the poison that has been the last 6 months.