Twitter 2.0 Review and Refocus, How to Use this Network

Twitter 2.0 Review and Refocus, How to Use this Network

So Twitter had a pretty rocky 2016 to say the least. Between staff going and the end of certain features (RIP Vine, if you were using it). It has been a rocky time for them. At the same time though it’s fair to say that Twitter had a pretty big impact on some of the big news stories around the world (cough cough the US election). So in the last week or two I decided to ask myself the question?

“What’s the best way to use Twitter for a business/brand?”

Using a combination of big data (as in analysing multiple Twitter accounts) plus my own observations here are key takeaways when it comes to making max use of this network.


I’m tweeting too much right? Ummm no you’re not

There’s a rule of thumb that with social media you don’t want to oversaturate when it comes to posts. It’s safe to say that with Twitter this isn’t the case. Why so? The graphs below show there is a direct relationship between the amount you tweet and the mentions (engagement) you get. 

twitter stats

impressions vs mentions

Now for it to happen with one account might be a coincidence but this was the case across multiple accounts that I analysed for 2016.

Great so all I have to do is Tweet a lot right? Ummm nope

There’s more to it than how often you tweet. WHAT you tweet is crucial. Best practice is important here because if you appear spammy then good luck I’m blocking and unfollowing you. So when Tweeting make sure your Tweets are interactive and can be found. 

    • Use the right hashtags
    • Add an image or if not an image
    • Add a personalised video, there arent too many doing this and if you want to engage with someone and add that personal touch why not try this. It only takes 30 seconds
    • Add a GIF – I’ll just leave this tweet here

Where am I going to find stuff to Tweet about? You’re kidding me right?

As I highlighted in an earlier blog Twitter is THE best sources of content out there (don’t tell Google I said that. It’s worth being on the network for this alone as you can find relevant content/people/media that can be used there, on other networks and that you can use for research on a topic and even your competitors. Wondering if you can find content about your sector. Take this into account:

7,483 Tweets are sent every second….

That’s right every second. In the time it has taken me to write this sentence over 80,000 Tweets have been sent. So using the right tools you’ll definitely be able to find the right content/people for you.

But how do I find people? Use Twitter Search in the top right-hand corner

I’ve gone over this area in a previous blog. Straight off though you can find people by harnessing the Twitter Search Box. Type in certain keywords and see what results you get. If you find the right people you want to connect with:

  • Add them to a list, either public or private
  • Add the list to Tweetdeck
  • Keep up to date with everything they’re Tweeting about
  • Add value for them

You can also find the right Twitter chats where people engage on a regular basis. Wondering where to find these? Here’s a sample of some social media ones to check out


Yeah but they’re not gonna want to engage with me. Tweet them and find out

Think this won’t work? Well it worked for us before Christmas when after hearing about a pretty interesting presentation to the League of Ireland we went away came up with our own suggestions for them and reached out to people on Twitter who were talking about it. The end result? We ended up featuring on the Newstalk Website and my ugly mug made it into a Sunday Paper.

15621931_1245010992208755_8309266454114346667_nThis all came from:

  • Seeing an article we were interested in
  • Coming up with our own ideas
  • Reaching out to the RIGHT AUDIENCE

So what are you waiting for!!!


My Top 3 Twitter Tips?

If you were to ask me my top tips for Twitter they would be:

  1. Use Twitter for listening and not just a megaphone
  2. Make your tweets as interactive as possible
  3. Who dares wins, just look at our example.

While consistency is also important what’s also important is taking timeout!! If you’re flat than you do yourself no favours. Hmmm maybe I’ll blog next about what I do to recharge from 24/7 social media.

Need Help With Twitter?

Fear not we’re here to help you. Contact us if you have any questions about the big wide world of Twitter. You can also drop me a tweet as well (why not try tip 3 with this).