#WeAreBlueChief 3 Key Takeaways From the World of Social Media

#WeAreBlueChief 3 Key Takeaways From the World of Social Media

Well, April was a busy month on the social media front with updates by many of the top networks. It is the one month anniversary of #WeAreBlueChief *blows out candles* and it has been really interesting to go out live to the social universe and answer some of the big questions that people have (shout out to Cavan IT, Nexus Innovation and Chris Collins for the questions). After going through #wearebluechief in April and dying with embarrassment with how I look live, here are the three big things for people to look out for:

  • Test out the new Snapchat Chat Features
  • Using Twitter THE RIGHT WAY
  • Automated Vs Organic Content: The eternal struggle.

As well as focusing on these, I will also give you three tips to help get you on the right track with these 3 issues.

Snapchat Chat Features, Just Get Out There and Test!!

Snapchat have been making A LOT of changes to their platform to help people engage more but also make it more desktop friendly. The biggest updates they’ve made is what they have added to their Chat. When it comes to these updates my one bit of advice is simple, get out there and test things out. Since the new updates, I sat down for an hour every evening last week and just engaged and tested things out. I even did a story on Snapchat showing that the top 3 new features I really like are:

  • Now you can share links on Chat rather than have to type out the URL (god that was tedious)
  • Share Multiple Pics: Snapchat has made it easier than ever to share additional pictures
  • Share videos inside your chats: Because who doesn’t like videos and GIFs

As well as that, here is a tip from our Shane when it comes to creating stories, from #WeAreBlueChief:

“Post 7-10 Snaps a day and be consistent”

Using Twitter THE RIGHT WAY. The 3 Crucial Aspects to Get Right

This is an issue that constantly pops up. People start using Twitter, aren’t seeing results, get frustrated and stop using it. This IS the biggest issue that Twitter has. It’s important to start off on the right foot and use it in the right way. In this regard, it is crucial to use these three tactics:

  • Build tangible relationships – In a nutshell, get out there and talk to people on Twitter. Take part in conversations and create value for people. This way you’re reaching out and taking the time and effort to engage with people, something that is very often overlooked on Twitter. If it results in engagement and developing a relationship, why not send them a thank you video? Trust me it definitely works.
  • Experiment: As with Snapchat, nothing beats sitting down and just testing things out – as Shane highlighted on episode 3 of #WeAreBlueChief:

“The more time you spend on a tool and understanding the feature base of that tool, and where the value is per feature, then you get better desirable results.”

For example, many people can be uneasy about getting involved in controversial chats. However if you have strong opinions about issues, then jump in and give your view. This can help you stand out and connect with like-minded people. A recent example of this is #IAmAReason. This took over Twitter last week to the extent that on Wednesday evening when the Champions League is normally the top trending issue #IAmAReason and related hashtags dominated the board. If you have opinions on topics you care about then reach out and engage – this is one way you can experiment.

Another can be making your tweets and content more interactive! A useful tip I have here is if you’re engaging with people using Giphy, it makes things more interactive and people will engage with you. The best thing is Giphy is now embedded in Twitter so it’s easier than ever.

  • Listen using Twitter advanced search For my money, Twitter search is better for finding real time content than Google (but don’t tell Google). By combining advanced search with Twitter columns, industry keywords, lists you create, and even mentions of you and your brand you get up to date content to help engage and target the right audience.

These three tips will help you start using Twitter the right way. As well as this, combine it with the chart below that is the cornerstone of my own social activity.



Automated Vs Organic Content: The Eternal Struggle

This is an issue that is highlighted multiple times on #WeAreBlueChief: Which is better to use, automated or organic? The simplest answer to this is use the best of both worlds. The image below shows the way that we at BlueChief use content on social media. For automated posts use Evergreen content (our Content blog is an example of something that is relevant whether it’s posted today or this time next year). As well as Evergreen content, also automate posts that promote your business and its message. For automated, use content that adds value and is focused on specific topics.

BlueChief Tip: The top automated tools to use are Buffer, Tweetdeck, Hootsuite and Sprout Social.

Organic content is content that helps build relationships whether through chats or simply reaching out to people. Take 3-4 minutes out of your time ever hour or so, go through your social media feeds and see if there are posts that are of interest to you and engage with them. This is the social media activity that helps engage others and build those tangible relationships that I talked about earlier. When combined with automated content it will help you tick off all the boxes needed and make sure you utilising both to the fullest. In terms of ratio the best approach to take is:

(Automated) 30:70 (Organic)

Tune In Next Time #WeAreBlueChief

#WeAreBlueChief has uncovered a lot of questions that people have about social media. Whether it’s the tools themselves and how to actually use them, or the tactics and – most importantly – strategy you have that shapes your use of these tools, there are a lot of areas to focus on. If you have any questions about all things social media make sure to tune in every Thursday from 6.30 to 7.30 GMT for #WeAreBlueChief on Periscope and Facebook Live. As you can see we discuss a wide variety of different topics and issues. So make sure to tune in, same bat-time, same bat channel…


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