The Future for Twitter? The Newsroom Gave Us a Glimpse

The Future for Twitter? The Newsroom Gave Us a Glimpse

Twitter didn’t have the best 2nd quarter in 2016. It’s gotten to the stage now that they will have to take the approach of adapt or die. They have responded to this by changing their position from being a social media app to a news app……Interesting

As I said in the recent #WeAreBlueChief it’s the equivalent of saying we’re not a car we’re a van now. Just check up the app store and they’ve moved place.twitter

The reasons behind this are many, Twitter have been left behind by Snapchat in recent months and Instagram has recently overtaken them as well. They have gone from being viewed as one of the big two to being left behind by the new players on the block.

So what does the future have in store for Twitter?

If the recent partnerships are anything to go by according to Shane the most logical step is a major news agency trying to access the direct and instant info on a global scale. Social media is becoming a very credible source for news just check out Twitter when a major news event happens.

Will Google vs Facebook escalate?

On the other hand as I argued will Google come in a buy Twitter. With the SEO deal between the 2 the relationship is already there. Will this be the next step? As already highlighted there are 2 camps in social media at the moment. Will Google look at Twitter as another piece to add to its board.

So in a nutshell

Twitter have to re-categorise for product differentiation. Will Fox buy it up, will Bloomberg? Twitter are at the stage that they have to do something to move forward (only 3  million extra users have signed up since Jack Dorsey came back). The social network side, has it been exhausted? Quite possibly. The founders/partners all wanted it to go in different directions. Clarity here is essential for Twitter and if the recent deals with the NBA, NFL, MLB and Sky Sports are anything to go by real-time news and info is the way that Twitter are looking to go. Could one of these become potential buyers?

Twitter has had more feature changes in the last 4 months than the last 4 years. In the last week alone they have:

  • Extended video from 30 to 140 seconds
  • Introduced Android Night

On top of this will they take the example of the Huffington Post and have a screen that follows you in the corner as you explore the page. If there was one area that is a battle ground between Twitter and Facebook it is the media the news and sports. It won’t be too long till you watch sports live through social media.

Twitters Ace In the Hole

One of Twitter’s unique USPs is this:


It needs to make max use of this image that it has helped to evolve as at the moment it is stagnant in comparison to Snapchat and Facebook. However don’t lose hope. There are a lot of users on Twitter but it’s essential that you use it right.  It has lost 12% of it’s staff, head of communications, head of corporate development and VP of media left CEO. Is this a bad sign or are they evolving so that they streamline their message? It is clear that they are getting their message in place. Twitter are moving towards the consumer marketplace and what people want it to be. This in of itself is a good sign. Pay close attention to what Twitter do in the next few months or what might happen to them.

Below is our show focusing on Twitters current evolution. Check out #WeAreBlueChief for the latest social media news.