What it takes to be good at Social Media

What it takes to be good at Social Media

All it takes to be good at social media is to put up a few posts and Tweets and that’s social media covered, right?

Wrong! For a lot of business they begin with a lot of enthusiasm and spend time working on social media.  However as time goes on interest can wane from a post every day to one or two a week to maybe one a month. I have often seen this happen with businesses. When it comes to being good at social media and harnessing it so that it can be a powerful tool for your business it requires you to:

  • Have Buy In
  • Get the Basics Right
  • It’s a Marathon not a Sprint

These three factors can help you get things off on the right foot and make sure social media is done right throughout your business.

Three factors to be good at social media

Have buy in – If your only reason for using social media is that everyone else is on it then you have already started on the wrong foot. You need a good foundation to start with. Before you fill out your registration details its important you set out the goals and reasons you want to use the social media channel. For example with Twitter your goals may be to interact with not only local businesses and groups but also industry experts as well. There is no point just putting out ‘sell, sell, sell’ Tweets as people can get bored with these. Connect with others, interact with them and help add value. Our BlueChief social Twitter feed to the right is a good example of not only using social media for self promotion.

Get the basics right – By this I mean your profile. Using LinkedIn as an example (because there is a measure for how complete your profile is) this means making sure the picture you use is good, professional looking and clear. Have a cover photo that can tell people all the contact details they will need. Make sure your summary has all the details about your career (think of it as an executive summary and add information about your previous work experience). These steps as well as being active on the network can help get your profile up to all star level and make it as easy as possible for people to find you.

profile strength for a godd LinkedIn Profile

It’s a marathon, not a sprint – This relates back to people losing interest. Test out different networks, see what works and once you find this work with it. Instagram can be a bit daunting to begin with however by testing out pictures and the right hashtags to use these can help you get noticed and stand out from the crowd. Pinterest is of a similar vein however by testing out pictures and different boards you can help develop the right tactics to make sure your products can be seen on a network where the majority of users are women (the decision makers).

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These are three important factors that can help you become good at social media and turn it into a powerful tool for your business. If you have any questions or want help with your social media campaigns then make sure to check out the services we provide. You can also follow us on Twitter.

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