Where do I find my Content? Here are 6 ways you can

Where do I find my Content? Here are 6 ways you can

With social media, very often businesses start with good intentions of posting up regular content that promotes the business but also provides value for followers. However, after a while they reach the stage where they’re suddenly asking themselves:

“Oh god what do I post up today?”

At this stage things can falter and the result is that a page was posting every day starts to post every other day, then every other week. The number one problem that causes this issue is:

Finding content!!!

We have all had this experience at one stage or another. Starting off in the world of social, I dreaded the day where I would just sit there with nothing to say, and if the worst came to the worst I would look at an old post and go through the thesaurus to find a different way to say certain words (a desperation tactic). Luckily I have learned from this experience and now never need to worry about that dreaded day. There are a wide range of ways that you can find content that’s not only interesting and new, but that also resonates with your audience. These include:

  • Websites
  • Tools
  • Ways to use Social Media

Today I will highlight some of the top tools I use for finding interesting content. Lets begin!



The infographic below courtesy of aci.info shows how much content is created EVERY MINUTE online.


Now while this is impressive, the question often asked is “How do I find content that’s relevant for me”. Luckily there are a few great websites that you can use.


This is a great website that I use regularly to find content that not only interests me but also my audience. It’s a free service where you can tailor what is on the board according to your interests and share from there. It has a really handy mobile app that, in effect, lets you create a customised newspaper. Below is a snapshot of my board for today (note I don’t just have social media related stories).


From business to tech to arts & culture, there are a wide variety of categories – and also feeds and authors that you can subscribe to. If I was to advise anyone starting off on Flipboard as to who to follow it would be:

  • Social Media Marketing: for all the latest updates
  • Entrepreneur: For advice and tips on all things in the scene
  • Recipes: The Art of Eating Asian Food (because who doesn’t like Asian food!!)


Now this is a great website to find and collect large amounts of content.

Quick BlueChief tip: If you come across a treasure trove of content then create a quick calendar (similar to the one below) where you can send out great content on a regular basis.


Feedly lets you organise your favourite content into collections and it also updates when new content is released. Where Feedly has a benefit over Flipboard is its depth of content. There is a lot more to choose from and you can also tailor it to suit your needs. Below is my newsfeed and all of this was possible in just a few clicks.


A quick read through of your feeds and you can be up to date with the latest going on as well as having a bank of content that’s constantly being updated. My colleague and CRAM Chief, Steve Dunworth, went into further detail in a previous blog about this tool and how you can combine it with Buffer to solve all your content problems. Feel free to check it out.



After recently featuring in a list of social media experts and the tools we use (nice plug there!!) one of the things I realised was that:

There are a lot of tools…….like a tonne!!

When it comes to finding content these are three tools that let you find relevant by harnessing the power of THE search engine, Google.

Google Alerts

Google Alerts is such a diverse tool to use. Put simply you enter in a keyword(s) and every time it appears online, Google will send you an email. One of the biggest benefits of Google Alerts is that it is totally in your control:

  • What words you want to use
  • How often you get an email
  • What sources you what to use
  • What language and region you want it from
  • What results you want to get

As well as these, Google will show you a preview of what kind of content these settings will send to you. The benefit of this is that if you’re in a niche industry that may not be covered on the websites I’ve highlighted already then you can create an alert and get all the latest news. Below is an example of words I combined just for the fun of it, but still got relevant pages.


Now many people aren’t the biggest fans of constantly getting emails being sent to them. Very often these can fade into the background of noise that is being sent to our email addresses. A scary 2,437,814 emails are sent EVERY SECOND. So if you don’t want to be checking your emails all day then this next tool is a god send.

Feeder (not to be confused with the band)

Feeder is a tool I discovered a few months ago and I have to say it is an amazing tool. It lets you harness the power of Google Alerts, but instead of lots of emails you can control all your alerts from one dashboard.

It’s also straightforward to use:

  • You can get the app in the Google Play Store that will appear on your tab
  • When creating the alert select RSS Feed in the Deliver To section
  • Press on the RSS icon and you can add it to Feeder

The result is that from one app you can now go through all your alerts and share whatever content you need. It really is a great tool to utilise.


Social Media Tactics

Seeing as we also do social media I figured it would be smart to also harness the power of social media tools to find relevant content and engage with people. Here are two tactics you can start using ASAP.


Tweetdeck + Twitter Search Bar = Great Content

I have told you about Tweetdeck before? I might have at one time or another. The simple reason to use Tweetdeck is that it lets you mine down through Twitter content to find what is important to you. By combining this with the search terms in the table below you can find out not only great content on Twitter but also a great range of interactive content as well.

finding content on Twitter

The great thing with these features is that you can also use them to find people who are looking for help/services. My short bit of advice when it comes to starting off on Tweetdeck is:

  • Create a column of key influencers in your industry (the will be sharing relevant content)
  • Create a column of keywords relevant to your industry
  • Create a column of lists you have subscribed to.


LinkedIn Pulse + LinkedIn Search Bar

LinekdIn Pulse works similar to Flipboard, you can follow according to:

  • People
  • Channels
  • Influencers
  • Publishers

As a result when you go onto your Pulse page you can see posts from these sources as well as the most popular posts as well. Recently LinkedIn updated their Pulse feature that lets you explore via categories you’ve subscribed to. The best thing is you can share this content directly from LinkedIn.

The search bar on LinkedIn is very often overlooked, but it is a powerful tool. The image below show just how narrowly you can target who/what it is you’re searching for. For example if you search for social media it will show you results according to the reputation of the author. Very often these authors are some of the top people in your industry. The benefit of this is not only are you sharing interesting content but also content that people engage with. As well all know engagement is the first step in building relationships.

Advanced Search


Its a Big Content World out there

As you can see there is a great variety of ways that you can find content. The important thing to do is to combine it with your social media channels and get it out to the right audiences. As the saying goes:

“Content is King but Distribution is Queen”

Whether it’s for finding ideas to blog about or something to discuss and create engagement, content has to be the cornerstone of your social media efforts! Whether it’s a website, tool or social media channel there are a wide variety of ways to find engaging and interesting content on a regular basis. If you have any questions please drop us a Tweet.

If you’re just starting off on your social media journey or are looking to move it to the next level then please check out our services and monthly book a slot meetings.

Happy content hunting!!!



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