Why StartUp Weekend Limerick Beats a Lie In

Why StartUp Weekend Limerick Beats a Lie In

It’s here again. For the 3rd time a StartUp Weekend is being hosted in Limerick. I have previously talked about how the last StartUp Weekend was my first (all hail the noob). Now before you ask yes I will be going to this one as well. However instead of talking about things from my perspective for this StartUp Weekend (and lets face it listening to me all the time can be a little annoying) I decided to sit down and have a chat with Peter Hunt one of the organisers of this months StartUp weekend.

StartUp Weekend Limerick Interview

Me: So how would you summarise StartUp Weekend for a Noob?

Peter: In short StartUp Weekend is a great opportunity to get together with like-minded people and build a cool company all in the space of one weekend! One of its biggest strengths is that it helps budding entrepreneurs to compliment skills that you might not be afforded in normal work. For example if you work in a legal office you only interact with other legal professionals but at a StartUp Weekend you interact with designers, developers and marketers all under one roof.

Me: What have you learned from attending a StartUp Weekend before?

Peter: From the last StartUp Weekend I learned:

  • It’s a high-octane weekend
  • There’s a lot of hard work involved over the course of the weekend
  • As a result it’s a tough weekend but at the same time there is a great balance of fun as well as work
  • The person who hustles the best in terms of  the idea they propose on Friday, the team they gather during the hustle that evening, the work they do over the weekend and the big pitch they do on Sunday will win!!

Me: What are the reasons someone should attend?

Peter: From my experience the network you grow has to be one of the biggest reasons. From the mentors such as John Peavoy and Ed Kavanagh who will be there to the attendees there are some great people at the event. Some of the top industry leaders and professionals will also be attending the event. The alumni created after the is also a great network to connect with.  A Innovators Limerick group meets up every month that is made up of people who attended the previous StartUp Weekend events. I’ve actually employed a previous winner of a StartUp Weekend as a result of the work he has done at this event. So yeah the whole weekend is a great launch pad for networking and employment as well as starting a business.

SW Lime

Me: Where do you see the StartUp Weekend going in the future?

At the moment I’m glad with how the event has grown. At the first event there was 35-40 attendees and 70 were at the second. We had a big push on product designers at the last event so one of our main goals is to get a balance of skills and have a nice mix of people from all the areas of business at the event. At the same time we are putting a big push on having a balance of SMEs, MNCs and startups as well so that there is a terrific atmosphere and mix of people at the event. We are also aiming to get  a bigger audience at the pitching final as this was one of the best events of the last weekend, if not one of the best StartUp events to happen in Limerick.

SW Limeri

Me: What is your number 1 tip for a startup?

My number 1 tip would definitely be to validate your business idea as early as possible!! The StartUp weekend is the perfect opportunity to do this as you will find out pretty quickly whether your idea can be validated and grow.

Want to find out more about StartUp Weekend?

Well there you have not long to go now to this great event were you can pitch an idea, create a team and see if this idea can become a viable business. If you’re interested in attending StartUp Weekend Limerick check out their page on EventBrite. You can also follow them on Twitter

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